The Cost of Secrets

Guard your ideas, keep your plans close to your chest, you mustn’t let people know what’s happening for fear of them stealing your idea — correct?

NO! Obviously somethings are truly trade secrets, but most of the time you are just being obnoxious.

Share your ideas, talk about plans, get everyone excited. Keep your ears open and wait to see what ideas, hints and tips you might pick up along the way.

The benefit of secrets is that element of surprise, the downside is that you are trying to do it all alone. The risk of surprise is possibly that you tried to do it all alone and your idea/plan isn’t as good as it could be.

Staff, friends, colleagues even clients or competitors can be a good source of inspiration. They view your issues from different perspectives, they can all have ideas and help get you excited.

Every time you explain your idea again, you will refine and shape your idea, that can only make it better.