The process of ideation

When looking to solve a problem creatively there are a variety of ways to think about tackling a problem:

  • How could you solve the problem if money was no object?
  • How would you explain the problem to a child or an alien?
  • What would be best solution in the world be?
  • Have you considered the problem from each different users perspective
  • What is the single reason that the user likes this product or service?
  • Is there a deeper truth about the problem or the user that can be focused on?

Whatever the method you use to get yourself thinking, one of the keys to effective ideation is to infuse yourself in all possible facets of the subject matter. Fill your head with fanciful ideas. Get to the point of utter exhaustion considering a topic… Then walk away. The human mind is a powerful tool but it needs time find its own clarity.

You need to allow time to be inspired, find inspiration in art or music or any abstract field that helps the mind reach clarity. This process cannot be rushed, but like all great pursuits that take time, the results are worth it.