Two ears, one mouth

Dealing with customers or potential customers effectively requires you to use your facilities in roughly the same portion that you have them.

2 ears, 2 eyes, and 1 mouth.

Listen to the customer intently, and when you listen, watch them. You will more from doing this than anything else you could do, listen to what they say, how they say it, when they look nervous talking about something, what excites or interests them.

If you listen and watch the customer intently, then you can ask questions, and not because you have to, but if you listen intently and watch, you will want to know the missing pieces to the story.

Once you have had a chance to really take in your customers story then you can start to really tell them about a solution that is tailored to their needs.

The worst thing you can do is talk without listening, as soon as you do that you will end up just selling jargon and marketing speak and not really solutions. No customer wants that.