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2 min readJun 25, 2023

Thank you to all who came and supported the UK’s C20 event on June 11th at Amrita Hall on Raising Resilience: Mental Health Strategies for the Modern World.

When in pursuit of common aims, Amma always advises us to work together and the C20 event held at the MA Centre, Bromley shone a light on that advice. Whether participating as a member of the audience, or offering skills and service; everyone did their part, working tirelessly under the blazing sun, to represent Amma and Amrita Hall. The seemingly impossible was made possible through grace and willingness, and the sense of community and love was palpable. Amma’s children are examples of what can be achieved with a commitment to the spiritual principles underpinning life

Shalini did a very professional job as our ‘moderator and welcomer’, Sangeetha and Shilpa on flowers and stage decoration, Debi on design, Bala, Sashvat, Vivek and Vishnu on media and tech, everyone at the well-run AYUDH cafe, the fabulous catering team who kept us fed and watered, and everyone else behind the scenes doing their part, filling in the needs that came up.

Beckenham MP, Colonel Bob Stewart, was the first speaker who gave a moving and thought-provoking introduction, sharing his own experience of witnessing first-hand atrocities of war, and its effect on the mental health of his community of veterans. Afterwards, he commented on the feeling of love and acceptance in our ‘community space’. Even though he initially planned a quick getaway after his introduction, he felt welcomed enough to stay for lunch and the rest of the day.

The esteemed panellists offered expert global advice, insight and suggestions for the problems, challenges and concerns of mental health.

Dr. Rajeev Dhar shared how technology plays a vital role. Emma Kenny offered counterintuitive insights into how we as a society shun bad feelings when they are the springboard for growth and change. Kamal Bodhanker was highly informative about the challenges children and young people face. Cllr Manju gave incredible insight on the role of communities and bringing together different generations and Dr Hannah Morgan brought the role of family, love, education and the heart to the forefront. Dr Shone Surendran (Kannan) who specialises in Healthcare Communication drafted a report that summarised the panel discussion. The document will contribute to G20 policy-making discussions.

Thank you so much to Swami Shubamritanda, whose guidance and wisdom is always informative, funny, and insightful. The meditation and bhajans that followed, attended by devotees, was the perfect ending to a thought-provoking and successful event that will inform policy for the G20 World Leaders September Summit in Delhi, India.

A re-run can be watched here, with the panel discussion starting at 1hr52. Remember to hit like!



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