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I’m a guinea pig in the experiment of life.

Be it admiring a dew leaf for an hour during a psychedelic trip or grinning with a black eye while sparring Muay Thai, every life event’s a teacher.

In pursuit of the “Truth”, I let the raging horse of my curiosity pull the wagon of my life.

Discovering and documenting life itself, I don’t write in a “niche”.

But my articles mostly revolve around — self-improvement, masculinity, productivity, fitness, life lessons, and books.

As my tagline goes, I only give advice that I live.

The Articles I’m The Proudest Of

While not as viral, these underrated gems have a special place in my heart.

My Articles Closest To My Heart

38 stories

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What I’m Currently Up to In Life

I’m juggling Muay Thai, my 9 to 5 job, my girlfriend, the gym, family, and writing — with the occasional rock climbing and public speaking thrown in.

Every moment of your life is either a test or a celebration.”

David Deida



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