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On Easy Discipline, 3D Delts, & Weight Loss “Hacks”

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Neeramitra Reddy
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5 min readMay 10, 2024


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Proven Productivity — Journaling & Its True Power

Journaling is ridiculously over-complicated. It has only 2 steps:

  • Get a pen and journal/diary/notebook.
  • Write.

Forget intentions. Forget prompts. Forget looking fancy.

Use journaling as a tool to convert the tangled mess inside your skull — into tangible reality. There’s only 1 “rule”:

  • Whenever you feel confused/overwhelmed, put pen to paper. Period.

Watch the magic of clarity arise.

Messy but works (Photo by the author)

Fit Formulas

Formula #1 — The Best 3D-Delts Exercise

It’s the cuffed single-arm cable lateral raise:

Along with the face pull, this builds 3D delts that stand out and make people ask if you’re natty. The rules are simple:

Use perfect form.
1–3 sets of 12–20 reps 3–5x a week.
Strive to visualize & feel your side delts.

Formula #2 — The Only “Necessary” Weight-Loss “Hack”

The Calories-In-Calories-Out (CICO) teeter-totter.

Memorize it. Paste it on your wall. Stare it to death. Let it sink into your mind.

This mother “hack” gives rise to all other fat-loss hacks through questions like:

  • How (all) can you decrease CI every week, day, meal, and mouthful — by 1000, 100, or even 10 Kcals? At home, while out, and when traveling?
  • How (all) can you increase CO every week, day, and (non) exercise hour — by 10, 100, or 1000+ Kcals? At home, the gym, and your work desk?
  • How (all) can you bulletproof both so you don’t go overboard? Before, while, and after losing your desired weight?

A recent article of mine covers this in deeper detail — with 18 additional hacks. Read it for free here.

Excellence Epiphanies

#1 — The Power Of Surrender

Sounds counterintuitive — but “giving up” to (your version of) God is way stronger than resisting with willpower.

I saw this with NoFap, where willpower and resistance failed, Surrender won — and is winning.

“Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”

— Eckhart Tolle

Stay rooted in the present moment.
Surrender all forms of negativity to God — with true intention.

#2 — An Easy Inversion For Discipline

Rather than trying to force discipline onto yourself, become the kind of person who naturally does those things:

  • Don’t try to wake up at 5 AM — become a natural early riser.
  • Don’t try to workout daily — become a fitness enthusiast.
  • Don’t try to read 50 pages a day — become an ardent reader.

Upgrade your identity, not your efforts. The YouTube video below goes deeper into this:

#3 — True Priorities Aren’t Sexy

My true top priorities in life currently are:

  • Inner work (Vipassana)
  • Writing here on Medium.
  • Family errands/tasks/time

That’s it.

Not taking over the world. Not “scaling to $10K”. Not fancy.

Find your priorities (using Warren Buffet’s 3/25 rule).
Reveal them to no one or only near/dear ones.
Rehash them daily with bullet journaling.

Article of The Fortnight

Profound benefits of reading fiction books most don’t realize + my 5 best tips to read more fiction (enjoyably).

Bonus #1 — Quote Of The Fortnight

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people” — Socrates

Which type of mind do you have?

Bonus #2: YouTube Gems of The Fortnight

Bonus #3: Book Recommendation of The Fortnight

Extreme Ownership by Navy SEALS Jocko and Leif.

Not your typical self-help books that shower you with feel-good cliches.

Nope. No. Nada.

This will make you face your life and take full responsibility. Excellent read for leaders and individuals, business and life alike.

Goodreads (Edited with Skitch)

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Godspeed and Cheers!
Neeramitra Reddy

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