On Keystone Habits, Jacked Legs, and The Best Fat-Loss “Supplement”

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At A Glance

A Quick Announcement

Over 3+ years, 600+ articles, and 3M+ views — I’ve indirectly inspired thousands and helped change hundreds of lives…

Now, I’m doing it directly — via 1:1 Coaching/Consultation.

Unlike most “coaches”, I won’t promise magical results for “anything” under the sun…

Instead, I’ll only promise results I, myself, have already achieved — minus the B.S., blunders, and confusion.

Made by the author

Only after a few proven “silent” successes with clients am I launching this “publicly.”

The experience has let me hone my coaching processes and approach. So, you’ll now get my trialed-and-tested best so far :)

Click Here To Learn More About My 1:1 Coaching/Consultation

Proven Productivity — The 7-Level “Why” Exercise

“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

This life truth is equally true for all the various aspects of life.

That’s where the 7-Level “Why” exercise comes in.

For anything you’re struggling for conviction or clarity, get a pen and paper and…

  • Ask “Why
  • Jot down the answer.
  • Then, ask “Why” again — and jot down the answer’s answer.
  • Repeat this 6 more times — until you’re 7 Whys deep.

Best case? You find your deepest Why and gain immense clarity/conviction.

Worst case?

You struggle to crack the first Why itself — and realize it’s best to ditch the idea/habit/goal.

Photo by the author

Fit Formulas

Formula #1 — The Best Leg Exercise

It’s not the barbell back squat or Romanian deadlift (as I’ve long preached).

I’ve recently (humblingly) realized it’s The Leg Press

If executed with deep, full Range Of Motion (ROM) and perfect form.

This is all thanks to the stable position + back support + removal of the need for core strength.

Leave the ego at the door. Perform 1–3 sets 3–5x a week — and watch your legs (mainly the quads) blow up.

Formula #2 — The Best (+ Cheapest) Fat-Loss “Supplement”

It’s Caffeine.

All “fat burners” have Caffeine as their dominant ingredient — with additional fancy B.S. for marketing purposes.

Photos by the author

The best part?

Caffeine pills/powder both cost 10-20 times less than pre-workouts. Good old black coffee also does the job.

Excellence Epiphanies

#1 — Let Go(d)

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star.”

— Stephen Hawking

It’s crazy how little we actually have control of/over in life — but how much we worry/plan/cling to and about.

Do your best. Then, let go…

Let go(d).

#2 — The Deep Power of Keystone Habits

Keystone habits aren’t just “habits” — they’re “sanity maintainers”…

They’re what root you to Reality and keep you together — even (and especially) on the bad days.

- NoFap
- Writing
- Meditation
- Working out

As long as I tick off these 4 keystones, I’m good — the world could crash & burn, and I wouldn’t care.

Find and treasure your keystones.

#3 — The Illusion Of Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance implies work and life are separate — which is a myth!

Life is work. Work is life. One feeds into and off another indistinguishably…

This does not mean “workaholism” or “hustling 24/7”

What it means is rethinking the idea of Work itself — going past just earning money, power, or fame.

Anything that improves the quality of your life, mind, and self is work.

  • Meditation and journaling? Inner Work.
  • Relationships? Emotional Work.
  • Helping Others? Altruistic Work.
  • Investing & Hustling? Financial Work.
  • Sleeping and napping? Recharge Work.

Make every second of your life Work (pun intended).

Bonus — A Deep Question To Ponder Upon

What’d you do in life if money, power, and validation didn’t matter at all?

Would you be/continue doing what you’re currently doing?

If not, why aren’t you doing (at least a bit of) the things you really want to do?

For me, the answer would be a mix of few things:

  • Writing breezier + different non-fiction — and a lot of fiction, too.
  • Following my curiosity — AI, philosophy, and God-knows-what.
  • Deep wholesome conversations with interesting people.
  • Working out — gym, kickboxing, rock climbing, etc.
  • Quality time with my mother and family.
  • Building stuff — code and content.
  • Reading. Reading. Reading.
  • Sketching & painting.
  • Meditation.

Luckily, I’m already doing most of these things on a daily.

Coding and sketching are fully missing. Curiosity-exploration and reading have taken a backseat…

Well, it’s making me rethink my daily schedule, and life approach for sure.

What about you, my dear friend?

What are your answers?

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