Media ‘warned’ in CJI case, sexual victimisation of journos, death warrant

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Asavari Singh
Apr 23 · 4 min read
Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi has been accused of sexual harassment by a former member of the Supreme Court staff. Photo:

The media has been asked by the Supreme Court to “” and “act responsibly” following allegations of sexual harassment against Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi by a former staff member. Finance Minister Arjun Jaitley, meanwhile, described the digital media outlets that first published the allegations as “”, and also invoked the “power of contempt” in a social media post.

Such ‘warnings’ notwithstanding, the story has made headlines and dominated op-eds since last weekend, given the unprecedented nature of the case, the questionable steps taken to address it by the court, and the resulting .

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,” says Nannapaneni Rajakumari, chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission and Telegu Desam Party leader, in an interview on with NewsTracker’s Manisha Koppala.

Across India: news since last Tuesday

On 19 April, a former junior assistant in the Supreme Court (SC) sent a sworn affidavit to 22 judges, alleging she was sexually harassed and then “victimised” by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi. The allegations, which were first reported in detail by , and , and , were described as “scurrilous” and as an “attempt to malign the institution” .

On 20 April, a Supreme Court bench convened to hear the allegations, and controversially included Gogoi. Many members of the legal community, including the Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association, have said that by hearing his own case the CJI “”, as well as the “”. Another problematic response has been a call from some quarters to “protect judges” by assigning them “all-male staff ”, .

Among those framing the case as “an assault on the institution”, aided by the media, is Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Writing in Scroll, Kalpana Sharma asks, “”? She points out that Jaitley’s complaints about the media are a “backhanded compliment” of sorts.

In the podcast “”, the Quint ponders over “where the guardian of law falls in the legal framework to address sexual harassment at work”.

In HuffPost India, Rupali Samuel argues, “”, while an editorial in The Indian Express asserts, ‘’. In the Quint, Gyanant Singh warns against the danger of the allegations “”, and in Firstpost, law professor Raghav Pandey says, “I”.

Under , Gogoi has now asked the judge next to him in seniority in dealing with the allegations.

Rape culture

According to the 2019 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders, India has dropped two places to rank 140th among 180 countries. The report noted that The report also said that the #MeToo movement in India “lifted the veil on many cases of harassment and sexual assault to which women reporters have been subjected”.

In Mohali, Punjab, a 22-year-old woman who had been raped by a cab driver was because of jurisdiction issues. A case was registered only after the intervention of “senior officer”. The station house officer has now been suspended for dereliction of duty.

At a village in Andhra Pradesh, a man hanged himself from a tree after villagers caught him “molesting” a transgender person. The villagers then allegedly cremated the body immediately and uprooted the tree in order to “completely obliterate all traces of the episode” and “hush up” the matter, .

Death penalty

In Pune, two convicts have been for the 2007 rape and murder of a BPO employee. Their clemency petitions were rejected by the President in 2017. One of the men for the call centre where the victim was employed. She was assaulted on her last day at the job.

The Supreme Court has ruled that . The court made its ruling while commuting the death sentence of a man who had been convicted for the rape and murder of two minors in 1999.

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A conversation on the news coverage of rape and sexual violence in India. A MAAR initiative

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A conversation on the news coverage of rape and sexual violence in India. A MAAR initiative