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I Think: The idea of protecting identity, no one seems to know what that is!

Sandeep Johnson, customer success & marketing manager, Hyderabad

Photo courtesy of Sandeep Johnson

I am a news person, but not a newspaper person. I pretty much rely on inshorts and I have a couple of apps that I use for tracking news daily.

My initial reaction was shock towards the Hyderabad case. I was shocked that we are talking about identities being declared, and people are not even aware of the consequences of that. Now we all know who she is, what she did, who her mom and dad are. The idea of protecting identity — no one seems to know what that is! The way the entire incident was handled was so unfortunate.

I am not sure about the police in our country. I don’t think they should do what they want. If the accused in the Hyderabad case committed the crime, I am happy they are given capital punishment by the courts — but not by the cops [who shot them dead]. If that’s going to take a year or so, and if these are the people who have committed the crime, then I want to side with the police. But I am not sure.

I expect the media to be playing the role of an educator. I want to be able to go through the news and know if this has happened to someone, how can it be avoided. They are focusing more on the incident and details. I still don’t know what is safe and what isn’t.

There is no support system for adolescents in the country. That kind of makes everyone figure out their own stuff — and that can be either right or wrong. You need someone to teach you that. By the time you hit puberty, you see women and you have all these biological urges, and you don’t know how to deal with them. You don’t know personal space. You don’t know how to be sociable.




A conversation on the news coverage of rape and sexual violence in India. A MAAR initiative

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Sanjana Thandaveswaran

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