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I Think: The news is fine, but social media spreads lies

Sunil Dhobale, railway station manager, Pune

“There have been instances of the chain being pulled in sleeper classes, when an incident occurs”.

The news media follows ethics and does their job well. Print and TV journalists stick to the code of conduct that is taught to them. However, news gets sensationalised on social media. This is where people add fuel to the fire by spreading fake news and rumours. These platforms can be used for creating more awareness and conversation, but they are being misused greatly.

I see instances of sexual harassment during the course of work. A lot of times, in sleeper classes and during night trains, the chain is pulled when an incident occurs. When women complain of harassment, the accused parties are questioned and wait for the appropriate authorities to arrive.

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is there to protect women in railway stations. They arrive when there are complaints of sexual violence and eve- teasing, to take action and make any necessary arrests. One challenge, however, is the amount of time taken for the RPF to reach. This sometimes leads to justice being delayed, as the railway authorities do not have jurisdiction over these cases. They merely hold the accused in custody till the RPF arrives and can take some action.

People need to have the right morals and values, and that has to be done through education. In villages, there are instances where families false rape cases on behalf of the girl to harass boys from lower castes.

If I were a journalist, I would not change anything about the current style of news reporting on this issue. It is society that dictates rules that women have to abide by, ranging from their clothing, education and mannerisms, which results in them being blamed when sexual assault occurs. As a journalist, I would follow the same methods we see today — their approach is correct.



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