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I Think: There’s no point in jailing rapists who are found guilty

Jai Pawar, mall manager, Pune

‘Creating the fear of punishment is a necessary solution.’

I get most of my news from television and social media. The recent case in Hyderabad is all over the news right now. Cases are paid attention to when they are fresh and ‘in demand’ but as new stories come to the surface, the older ones get forgotten and the media focuses on the new cases.

There is no empathy in people, everyone is more interested in maintaining their image. People generally turn a blind eye to such cases, and are more entangled with their lives and how they are being perceived.

We need better safety measures and investigations. It is important to start investigation from the starting point of the incident, patrolling needs to be increased, and CCTV cameras need to be checked for suspicious activity on a daily basis.

Proper procedures need to be put into place for appropriate and quick punishment. When rapists are caught, there is no point in jailing them if they have been proven guilty. Their punishments need to be harsh. This will create fear, and fear is an immediate solution to the issue at hand. Values like respect, empowerment, and dignity have been taught to us not only by our family but also from Gandhi’s time. But people have never really understood it, and such a realisation will take years. Creating the fear of punishment is a necessary solution.



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