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I Think: It’s a matter of celebration when scum are removed from society

Pallavi Tiwari, domestic worker, Gurgaon

Photo: Asavari Singh

I get my news mostly from my husband. He tells me about everything I should know about, including the rapes that are taking place. I can’t read or write and I don’t like all the screaming and shouting they do on TV channels. On matters of crime, I prefer reality-based shows like Crime Patrol.

My husband woke me up with news about the Hyderabad rapists getting killed by the police. We were very happy that this happened. Many people around us were happy, too. Those boys were scum and it is good they were removed from society. The last time we heard of such a gruesome case was Nirbhaya… aren’t those rapists dead too? I thought they had died.

I know that shooting people dead will not stop rapes from happening. There was such a hue and cry over Nirbhaya and things have only gotten worse. But at least this way that girl’s family will get some relief. They wanted the rapists to die and they got what they wanted. That is all one can hope for these days. You have to take it case by case.

The police did what they had to, and they should not be blamed in any way. Those boys were running away. They were refusing to stop. The police did what they had to in order to stop these criminals from going back on the streets. We are better off without them.

I don’t have much to say about how the media covers rape. The last time it made an impression on me was the Nirbhaya case some years ago, and then after that it was only the Hyderabad case that I was following, mostly because my husband was interested in it. I’m glad that at least in this case we have something to celebrate.



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