How I can help your business to grow and differentiate (compared with your competitors)

Maarten Kalfsbeek
Dec 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Every entrepreneur wants his business to grow. But to be successful, your business will have to grow faster than its competitors. As a freelance strategy consultant, I can help you to realize sustainable growth with Market Research and Business Planning. This article contains a summary of the jobs I offer on Fiverr Pro (a marketplace for freelance professionals), but do not hesitate to contact me if you have any similar demands.

Market Research

Every start-up should hire a market research to validate the feasibility of its business plan and to prevent failure at an early stage. But also established businesses benefit from regular market research: the environment of your company is constantly changing and providers who respond too late will lose their market share.

I currently offer 2 services (“Gigs”) on Fiverr Pro which will deliver you more insight into your market:

  • Competitor analysis (starting at $405)
    With this Gig, I will compare your company’s resources and their performance with those of your competitors.
  • Testing business ideas (starting at $365)
    With this Gig, I will help you to avoid failure by testing your business idea with an experiment.
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Business Planning

After conducting a market research, you should use these insights to make decisions about the strategic direction of your organization. Which opportunities are suitable to utilize and which threats need to be neutralized? This process, called business planning, is critical for every business and must therefore be executed carefully.

I can help you with this process and currently have 2 services (“Gigs”) available on Fiverr Pro which focus on business planning:

  • Strategic marketing planning (starting at $2495)
    With this Gig, I will create a strategic marketing plan for your business with the ultimate goal to create a sustainable competitive advantage in the next 3 years.
  • Project management for business planning (starting at $125)
    With this Gig, I will help you to create a business strategy by managing your business planning project.

Maarten Kalfsbeek

I help businesses to grow and differentiate with market research and business planning

Maarten Kalfsbeek

Written by

Freelance Business Consultant. Writing about Market Research, Business Planning and Digital Platforms.

Maarten Kalfsbeek

I help businesses to grow and differentiate with market research and business planning

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