It’s great for keeping notes about the best parts of articles — just highlight them as you’re reading, add any notes you want, then browse through everything together when you’re looking back for inspiration.
Why you need to read, and how to do it efficiently
Lauren Holliday

“Read it later” thoughts

Had a similar workflow realization several months ago, and this ended up being the reason I added Instapaper premium. Adding comments/notes alongside marking it “read later” collects both the source and my initial thoughts on the content, both of which become searchable when I want to return later to compile those thoughts/sources.

The fork in the road for me with Pocket v Instapaper always came down to organizational style: tagging vs folders. Once Instapaper came around with the highlight feature, my inherent default toward folder structure sent me down the Instapaper road.

Certainly, with IFTTT you can build an interchangeable tags<- ->folders series of workflows to funnel it all into one service, but I’ve found that to be too cumbersome.

And sadly, still, Safari reading list is a service on an island. I want to use it, I really do. But, there’s no organizational/archiving structure, and since it is secluded from services like IFTTT, it becomes the least functional of the group.

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