A Lonely Death.

When Leslie woke up and realized her phone wasn’t on her bed she then turned over to see if it was on the other side, and she almost falls off she looks and the floor is completely gone! She starts to scream and her dogs comes running into the room and falls into the dark abyss of her room Leslie starts to cry till she sees her dog floating back up. She starts to laugh and hugs her dog tightly but she shortly remembers that her room still has a black hole under it. She suddenly tries to find ways to see how she can get out of her room so she starts to think and grabs her phone to start sketching. She later get so upset and starts to get frustrated. She takes a nap to ease her mind and she prays that maybe the floor will be back when she wakes up. The time is now 130 pm and she wakes up excited and steps down till she almost falls. She panics and tries to push up but she realizes that she can float around almost like a ghost. Leslie pushes her bed till she gets to the door frame and sees that the hallway is normal she jumps to the floor but bounces back up! She starts to grab on the door knob to her room and tries to stay down but she keeps going back up. Her dog can walk perfectly fine though. ¨is anyone home?!¨ yells Leslie but no one responds till she hears keys turning in the front door. She tries to run to the door but she can’t, Almost like she is stuck in honey with zero gravity. ¨im sorry dear but there is nothing that can change we have to heal it’s been months¨ DAD? Yells Leslie trying to run faster but she sees her mother is crying dramatically. She says mom what wrong?, is everything okay? ¨how do i heal she was my only baby? It might be easy for you cause you didn’t love her like I did¨ You stare in confusion, you start to sob and see your mom getting angry. She holds her hand and her mom calms down she suddenly stops crying. ¨i feel like she’s here with us. I miss her and i just want to hold her again¨ You keep looking around and notice that you see your pictures are all over the house and you wonder around more and see that a newspaper article says ¨TEEN KILLED IN CRASH¨ you float to see moms computer open to see your funeral pictures. You freak out and try to yell at the top of your lungs but its not helping anything. You panic and you’re worried. You’re hoping it’s a dream so you try to sleep but it feels like you’re already in a dream. “If only she was here again I would hold her.” Said you’re mother “but it’s her fault honey, she left us and she wasn’t being responsible.” You’re confused on what’s going on. You realize your parents are getting along when they been divorced for years now. You looks around the house and see wedding photos of your parents and family portraits. You see your fathers clothes in the closet and his office is completely new. You walk back and you try to find out how your death came to be. You sit at the computer shocked and surprised. It doesn’t sound anything like you. “Teen drinking, driving, and texting as well as speeding” you fill up with rage and you try to think of when it happened. “Friends say she was depressed and running away from home… she came from a broken family says one friend” that line breaks your heart. You don’t know who could have said that. You float back to your room where the floor still remains a hole and you sit there and contemplate. You sit there for about an hour and your mom walks in. You wipe your tears and try to reach for her. “If only she was here. I would have talked about the gossip with her like always, why was she running away? Everything felt fine. She seemed happy. Maybe it’s my fault.” Don’t blame yourself mom. You see your dog floating and wonder why he isn’t walking normal. “He is your spirit guide” says a deep voice you tilt your head and your dog says “I was waiting for you to realize me” you get scared and question him. He tells you the whole flash back and everything that really happened to you. “Which brings me to the day you told your mom that you wanted to be left alone.” You remember that fight, when you wanted to be alone? The day everyone in your life disappeared and you found me was the day you died. You wanted to be alone so alone you were. You get what you wish for.