“The beauty of a woman is in her eyes “- the ancient saying goes this way. Furthermore, adoringly arched eyebrows will add to the charm of their eyes. Which women do not like to have catchy and shaped eyebrows? Whether it is a crooked one, a long narrow one or even a feathery touch added to the shape would keep your face always toward the sunshine.Here we focus to bring out the pros and cons of microblading.

Eyebrow threading and microblading are just the ways to add the natural splendor of eyebrows by shaping it in a way that is best for your face. While threading has to be done on a frequent basis, microblading is like a permanent make up. Rather than just being a method to shape the natural brows, microblading can help women to have the thickness and length they desires, so that they would seem to have a well endowed and charming eyebrows. Being a technique which is performed by manually depositing pigment, superficially in the upper region of the dermis, it has many pros and cons. Even though its exceptional natural finish and usage of high precision equipments, has won the heart of every women, the pain and discomfort included might be a matter of concern.

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Pros and Cons of Microblading — Permanent Cosmetic solution to Eyebrows

Being one of the most sought after face beautifying technique today, the pros and cons of microblading must be precisely understood. Even though it’s perfect and unmatched finish is the most all-natural-looking way of correcting sparse or uneven eyebrows, one concern is that it actually requires cutting into the skin with a blade and a single session can have more than hundred small cuts. Skilled work can result in safe rendering of the technique, but it can lead to skin damage if the person is not trained and ignores to take the necessary sterilization steps etc. The microblading aftercare is very important as the new brows must be clean and moisturized always and for the first few days, makeup should be avoided.

Microblading / 3d eyebrow embroidery

Microblading is a technique which is most preferred today, to have the eyebrows of your choice rather than the naturally endowed one. It is a new cosmetic tattoo technique that fills brows or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that resemble individual hairs. It is like, manually tattooing your brows with a dedicated tool that looks like a slender knife but isn’t a blade at all. The skilled people that do microblading arrange tiny needles so they can make small incisions in the skin with the tool’s tip depending on the thickness and depth of hair strokes they want to etch. After each stroke, the needle is dipped into the pigment and it is allowed to seep into the skin. Prior to the procedure, the skin has to be disinfected and a numbing cream can be used. Properly sterilized needles of high quality should be used.

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Pros of microblading

Being the perfect choice to get beautiful eyebrows, it helps to have your brows shaped without losing any hairs. The uneven eyebrows can be corrected too. Very few touch ups are required if microblading is done and we need not do it frequently as in threading. The effect last for a long time and as your choice differs you can have a thick eyebrows or sleek, slender one or even a feathery one. Women who have lost their brows due to certain health issues can have their dream brows back using microblading. Furthermore you can wake up with your makeup, that is, you need not draw your brows every time as you put the regular wake up, as it is a semi everlasting technique.

Cons of microblading

Infection is one of the primary downside of microblading. The use of unsterile and low quality equipments can lead to many skin issues. Apart from being an expensive method, the makeup removal is quite painful and can lead to scarification. Also, in many cases allergic skin reactions are a possibility, it is the microblading side effects. The numbing cream and the ink used might not be favorable to all skin types. The after care is very complicated as it is important not to wear any make up on or around your eyebrows for the first few days. Also, sweating your brows should be avoided. Above all if the person doing it, is not properly skilled, it can lead to permanent scarring and can cause adverse effects as the procedure involves cutting into your skin with needles.

So that is all about the cons of microblading eyebrows.

How long does microblading last?

Being a form of cosmetic tattooing, microblading can last from two to five years with proper touch up and care. The results can however vary according to how expensive it is. There are less expensive ones that can last for one to two years too.

How to take care of the eyebrows after microblading — Aftercare Tips for Microblading

It is important to take care of the brows for first the few days after microblading.

  1. Avoid wetting or sweating the brows.
  2. Wearing makeup must be avoided. If any kind of discomfort is felt, the eyebrows must be gently wiped with alcoholic wipe. Even though itching is expected never rub the treated area.
  3. Touch up must be taken after the initial twelve weeks to ensure that it lasts longer.
  4. In short you can gently wipe the brows or use grape seed oil for the first few days.

Just leave the treated area with mild care initially and you can have naturally looking, beautiful eyebrows for a long time.

Microblading or 3D eyebrow embroidery is a technique to have the eyebrows of your choice. The dream of every girl to have beautifully shaped thick eyebrows or a slender one can be fulfilled now. With proper care before and after microblading, you can have amazing eyebrows. Microblading can be done for unparalleled natural finish for the brows. And as is said, “let the brows speak for you”.

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