Machine Learning in Practice Live Training on August 3rd

A course for Business Leaders implementing ML

Check it out on Safari

We are making good progress on our Machine Learning book with Pearson. On August 3rd, we’re going to do our first live training based on the book through Safari Online. This will be a condensed version of my class at UNC in the Fall titled Machine Learning: Strategy and Execution.

Take a look at the schedule for the live training below and give me any feedback if there are additional topics you’d like to see covered.


This training will help managers and business executives understand and deploy machine learning in the enterprise. The training is aimed not at those doing the technical implementation, but those tasked with managing and overseeing the project, and ensuring it actually achieves business goals.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

The Business Impact of Machine Learning (15 minutes)

  • Machine learning is only worthwhile if it solves a real business challenge. This section explores the most common business benefits at a high level: reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and achieving breakthroughs.

The Business Challenges of Machine Learning (15 minutes)

  • Machine learning’s promise is bright — but don’t be blinded by the hype. This section takes a clear-eyed view of ML’s limits, the ML talent shortage, interpretability issues, and more.

It All Starts with Data (15 minutes)

  • More than experts, more than algorithms, data is the sine qua non of machine learning projects. To succeed, you have to get this part right. Robbie will explain why many don’t.

Insight from the Field (5 minutes)

  • Robbie Allen delivers a unique insight earned from the trenches of machine learning services.

Q&A/Break (10 minutes)

Evaluating Machine Learning Opportunities (15 minutes)

  • When companies understand the true potential of ML, they may think of dozens of ways to apply it. But how do you know what projects are worth doing first?

Staffing and Project Planning (30 minutes)

  • Understand exactly who you need on your ML team — and the steps they need to take to succeed.

Insight from the Field (5 minutes)

Robbie Allen delivers a unique insight earned from the trenches of machine learning services.

Q&A/Break (10 minutes)

Addressing Workforce Concerns (15 minutes)

  • Bringing more machine learning and automation to your company could frighten your employees — or make them extremely happy. It all depends on the choices you make, and how you message them.

Building a Data-Centered Organization (15 minutes)

  • Exploring what it takes to embed machine learning and data science into your company’s processes and culture.

Being Prepared for the Future (15 minutes)

  • Machine learning can help businesses do amazing things today. It will help businesses do impossible things tomorrow. This section combines cutting-edge research with imagination to take a glimpse just over the horizon.

Final Q&A (15 minutes)