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Forrester’s J.P. Gownder on a Human-Centered View of AI

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James Kotecki
Jun 30 · 23 min read

Episode Highlights

This week’s guest is J. P. Gownder, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.

What It Means to be Human-Centered

“Being human-centered is recognition that we’re not at a stage where AI is just going to take over all different sorts of categories of workflows in your organization without an awful long process of integration and training. For most AI workloads, they are augmenting human labor. Humans remain in the loop. Even in highly automated situations, human talent and creativity and judgment remains important. Continuously acting as a subject matter expert remains important. Retraining algorithms is important.”

The Importance of AI Governance

“For AI, we need to have more comprehensive governance that includes everything from ethics to explainability to accountability to bringing together all of the operational side of a model. Is it working properly? Is it being re-trained continuously? Is it getting better? Does it need to be retired? But also, wedding that to some of these broader customer-relevant and employee-relevant issues.”

Job Education in the Age of Automation

“The bigger issue is going to be job transformation, where all of our jobs are touched in some way by passing off tasks that we used to do to an intelligent machine, and then hopefully up-skilling to make ourselves better.”

Audio + Transcript

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