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Technovation CEO Tara Chklovski on Unpacking AI’s Black Box

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James Kotecki
Jun 23 · 23 min read

Episode Highlights

This week’s guest is Tara Chklovski, CEO and founder of Technovation.

Unpacking the Black Box

“Most adults don’t know how machine learning works, how the face recognition on the phone works, what’s behind all of this. And that’s the idea — kind of unpacking this black box of AI technologies because it’s everywhere.”

A Focus on Grassroots AI

“It’s less about creating a world-changing solution and more about creating a highly effective solution for a local population. And I think that in our mind is sort of AI at the grassroots level, which is giving a voice to everyone rather than from a top-down type of solution where you’re like, ‘Okay, we’re going to deploy this face recognition system,’ or whatever it is, ‘for everybody.’ And then later on realize, ‘Okay, well, it’s not working.’

Solving Problems — with Feeling

“I think [social, emotional learning] needs to be blended into the hard skills that students are learning because it shouldn’t be just like, ‘Okay, that’s what I do in my SEL class.’ It needs to be blended into ‘how do I apply it when I’m actually solving a complex problem using technology.’”

Audio + Transcript

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