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At Machine Ventures, we have created a program that will guide the confused-yet-hardworking individuals a chance to be an Apprentice in our company.

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Disclaimer: Working at Machine, or anywhere in general, is not easy as there will definitely be tough challenges ahead of you. It’s not the ping-pong tables that make startups, startups. It’s the hardship. So to our dear reader, consider this as a gentle reminder before you proceed. :)

What is The Apprenticeship Program?

Apprenticeship Program is where we give young and hungry professionals a wholesome opportunity to work in Machine Ventures and tap distinct fields in the company.

It is a 4-month program where apprentices will work with skilled teams to apply and learn the different functions. So for example, if you’re an IT graduate who wants to venture into marketing, then the program will give you that chance to work in that area.

The main objective of this program aims to evaluate the apprentice and find out which unique role fits best for them until they are offered a position in our company as a Machinist.

How Does it Work?

1. Get Started: Becoming a Machinist!

You will get all the cool resources to shape you into the Machinist you want to be. We have a pool of bright minds in the company along with different backgrounds of culture, and they are helpful to anything you need at work. There will be goals set for your to achieve during your stay and it is your responsibility to make sure you hit them. Other duties can also be delegated to you and thus, where the real hustle begins!

2. Let’s get to work!

From the start to end date of the program, this is your chance to find which function you are best at and to also prove yourself to the company on why you should be offered a full time job. Once you’re settled in the company, you will be assigned to a portfolio company or team to see where you are most needed.

3. Feedback Sessions

Every week you are to have a one-on-one meeting with the immediate manager. He or she will be giving you some honest feedback and in exchange would expect you to share your thoughts about the company, its direction and the way we do things.

Remember you are expected to speak up and share your thoughts on how we should do things better. Furthermore, every month you will be given clearer direction on how to become more integrated with the team.

4. Monthly Performance Review

Every month, aside from the regular Feedback Sessions, you will get some reviews on your performance. The idea is that you are pushed to your limits and at the same time you get help to be integrated in the core of Machine while building companies.

What you can expect from us is to wear different hats and what we expect from you is discipline, integrity and a get-done attitude.

5. 4th Month

The goal is that within this 4-month period we find you a great spot in the company where both you feel good about what you do and at the same time hit your targets.

Successful Apprentices will be offered a position in the core-team at the end of the program!

Apprenticeship Program vs. Internship Program

If you think that apprenticeships and internships are similar, then you are totally barking up the wrong tree.

Apprenticeship Program is fit for candidates who want to join Machine’s core-team as a fresh graduate or an aspiring entrepreneur. It comes with allowance and is designed to find the right fit within the 4-month program to eventually result into a spot in the team.

Internship Program is fit for candidates who would like to gain entrepreneurial experience and at the same time, complete this as their On-The-Job Training (OJT). Internships at Machine are possible as 3-month or 6-month engagements and do not entail a job offer at the end of the program.

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