Internship Program —Work with Machine Ventures

At Machine Ventures, we have designed a program for OJT seekers or individuals considering a career change to have a chance to be an intern in our company!

Val Ocampo
Feb 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Disclaimer: Unlike most companies, we do not ask you to just get coffee for the office everyday, but to hustle and push to bring out the best results! So for our aspiring intern, you have been advised to prepare yourself for a Machine-ful journey.

What is The Internship Program?

Internship Program is where we train fresh, young students or graduates day-to-day operations of how work in Machine Ventures is being done. Although you are classified as an intern,

How Does it Work?

1. Get Started: Becoming a Machinist!

At the beginning, you will be assigned to a portfolio company or team where you have a wide selection of mentors you can approach. Responsibilities and goals will be given to you and it’s important that you hustle by making sure they are achieved. Also, you will be given credible resources that is not just for company use, but for your own personal development as well — a tech driven and goal oriented Machinist.

2. Let’s Get To Work!

During your stay in Machine, it is expected that you are to fulfill all your responsibilities — not just for your OJT hours, but for your team’s goals. Like they said, there is no I in team so make sure you work hard and bring out the best results!

3. Feedback sessions: Get Better Everyday!

You will be assigned to one immediate manager whom you will report to everyday, and once a week, you are to meet him/her to discuss your honest feedback whether it’s about the company, your duties or what changes should be done.

4. Monthly Review

Besides the weekly feedback sessions, you are also being evaluated every month regarding your stay in Machine. During these sessions, this is to review if you are hitting your KPIs as stated in the beginning of your internship program.

5. 3rd or 6th Month Performance Review

Lastly (depending until when you are staying with us), you will have a final review session on your stay with us. This will be the overall performance evaluation with your manager and knowing if your work has been satisfactory.

Apprenticeship Program vs. Internship Program

If you think that apprenticeships and internships are similar, then you are totally barking up the wrong tree.

Machine Ventures

This is the official blog of Machine Ventures — Transforming Ideas Into Companies

Val Ocampo

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Filipina with a devoted heart to tech, beauty & music. Operations Lead - Assistant to CEO @ Inmusik

Machine Ventures

This is the official blog of Machine Ventures — Transforming Ideas Into Companies

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