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At Machine Ventures, we have designed a program for OJT seekers or individuals considering a career change to have a chance to be an intern in our company!

Val Ocampo
Feb 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Disclaimer: Unlike most companies, we do not ask you to just get coffee for the office everyday, but to hustle and push to bring out the best results! So for our aspiring intern, you have been advised to prepare yourself for a Machine-ful journey.

What is The Internship Program?

As either 3-month or 6-month program where interns are given a working bandwidth almost equivalent to a full-time employee, therefore providing an insightful learning opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experiences.

The main objective of the program is to harness these interns to become wholesome Machinists — a group of people who are hungry for innovation and inclusivity, advocates of community building and tech driven individuals to make sure that we are here to make the Philippines a better place.

We have a pool of bright minds where interns will have wide selection of mentors to work with. We practice an open work-space in the office, so if you want to talk to your manager directly or the CEO himself, you are free to do so!

How Does it Work?

1. Get Started: Becoming a Machinist!

2. Let’s Get To Work!

3. Feedback sessions: Get Better Everyday!

This is very important as not only will you have a chance to contribute your own insights for the company, but a way for your manager to let you know on what points can you make yourself better as a Machinist.

4. Monthly Review

5. 3rd or 6th Month Performance Review

For graduating students, internships are a great way to use as an alternative class or convert them into OJT hours in order to complete academic requirements. We hope that working in Machine is not just to fulfill your schooling, but to fulfill your personal development and to open your career path.

Apprenticeship Program vs. Internship Program

Apprenticeship Program is fit for candidates who want to join Machine’s core-team as a fresh graduate or an aspiring entrepreneur. It comes with allowance and is designed to find the right fit within the 4-month program to eventually result into a spot in the team.

Internship Program is fit for candidates who would like to gain entrepreneurial experience and at the same time, complete this as their On-Job-Training (OJT). Internships at Machine are possible as 3-month or 6-month engagements and do not entail a job offer an the end of the program.

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