Good Waste Q+A

Gareth Owen Lloyd
Oct 17, 2019 · 3 min read

GoodWaste is a new design studio working on projects that create social and environmental good by reconsidering how objects are made. We research localities, investigate material flows, and experiment through making. We use objects as commentators and communicators for bigger ideas around sustainability.

What brought you to Machines Room?

We were introduced to Machines Room by our tutor while at the RCA and Ewan had been involved in a design sprint hosted at Machines Room last year.

Tell us a bit about your backgrounds?

We are all from product/industrial design or design engineering backgrounds, and we all worked for design studios before starting on the Design Products programme at the RCA, where we met each other. Especially since starting the RCA, each of us has become dedicated to sustainable design, in one form or another.

What have you been working on?

After we graduated from RCA last July, we became members of Machines Room to run a small batch production of our MA collection of homeware and furniture made from waste collected in Park Royal. The collection is now on sale at Selfridges, as part of its Bright New Things campaign.

Best Bits of Machines Room?

Our favourite part about being at Machines Room was being able to work anytime we wanted, as it’s 24h access! The verity of machines we had access to was great and let us prototype designs super fast. Last but definitely not least the Machines Room community practitioners and staff are all super helpful and were a great encouragement when we were running out of steam!

What’s next?

At the moment we are establishing GoodWaste as a brand and studio, looking for more commissions and collaborators that share our vision for sustainability and design. We will also be running a series of workshops to teach participants about circular design and hands-on making skills to help spread the word and interest in how we approach sustainable design.

Originally published at on October 17, 2019.

Machines Room

A fabcity project founded by Clear Village now operated by

Gareth Owen Lloyd

Written by

Head of maker projects at Machines Room FabLab

Machines Room

A fabcity project founded by Clear Village now operated by

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