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5 min readAug 28, 2019


We are once again opening our doors for London Design Festival this year. We will be open for the public to look around machines room and running some exhibitions and workshops too!

Cohort Residency Exhibition — Private View 20th of September

Since the start of August, Machines Room has been home to our new Cohort micro-residency group. Three graduates from the Royal College of Art have been developing and expanding their practice using our machines ready to exhibit at the Festival. Check out who they are below.

Anya Muangkote

I’m a multidisciplinary designer, aiming to make sustainability appealing. My focus is on designing for circular economy principles — design for biodegradability; recyclability; produce more locally and without toxicity. I’m drawn to the topic of future materials and food, distributed systems and renewable energy. My ongoing project is looking at agar-based bioplastic material properties and how it could be applied in a real-world context.


Instagram: @anyamuangkote

Twitter: @anyamuangkote

Ned Quiney

I am interested in efficiency and viability; both of the things we make, and the tools and processes we utilise — and design for. But more than what is optimal now, I like to think about what could be possible, if those tools and processes were to be optimised further. By looking downstream into the essence of how we create things in the world today, and implementing real honest change there, I believe we have the most power to shape the future into something that works better for all of us.
DMP (Digitally Moulded Plywood) is an experimental process of forming curved plywood, optimised for distributed manufacturing. By using a universal aligning spine and precisely machined wood instead of a mould to laminate the wood, new possibilities emerge to democratise the production of curved plywood; enabling a new generation of designers, makers, and the curious, to create with this high-strength, beautiful and natural material.


Jihee Moon

Jihee studied metal crafts and industrial design at the RCA, designing new experiences by stimulating people’s emotions with various materials and experiments. I aim to convey my thinking and sensibility about general problems and issues to people and link the existence that is me, others, and space, with the product as the medium.

My design puts forward solutions for general problems and issues that engender as contemporary people lead their lives in the organisation that is society. I continue to research for my design with the aim of providing solutions that are based on the fundamental five senses and sensibility intrinsic to human nature, and respect for life.

Instagram: @moonji123


Light_00 Workshop and Launch

Exclusively for the London Design Festival, we will be launching the versions lamp. Designed by Milo Mcgloughling Greening and developed by a host of designers with Other Today this Lamp is completely distributable, designed to be made with just a few broomsticks, 3d printed parts and a bulb. Learn how to build your own in our workshops running throughout the festival. The Lamps will also be available to purchase as a kit or pre-assembled from Machines Room during the festival.

Our lovely friends at Tala have donated some of their amazing LED glass bulbs which will be included in the ticket for the workshop along with everything else you need. It will be run by Machines Room with Other Today. Milo Mcloughlin-Greening first developed this lamp at our Distributed Design Market Platform sprint for the London Design Festival in 2018, which was also supported by Tala.

This year a new group of designers came to Machines Room for another design sprint to develop the original Lamp_00 design to be more distributable, refining its customizability with different broom handles and making their open instructional video to help others make it.

Since then it has been made, remade and remixed, it has been tested and produced worldwide with makers in Kenya, Ghana and Nepal all making their own versions using locally sourced materials, one of my favourite’s hacks the simple design for a mobile shooting rig.

The workshop will be running for 9 days throughout the festival from the 14th to the 22nd of September, you can book your tickets through the eventbrite here:

In this workshop you will be taught some essential DIY skills safely such as; drilling, wiring up plugs and lights, sanding and finishing to high quality, accurately measuring and sawing. you will also learn how to 3D print and pick out the colours of the parts you would like to use.

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