Meet our Founders

Jeffrey Huang/ 
Founder, M17 and Mithril

Jeffrey Huang (黃立成), aka Machi Big Brother (麻吉大哥), is a Taiwanese-American music, entertainment, and technology industry leader based out of Taipei, Taiwan.
Jeff has always taken an interest in new technologies as an early adopter, starting as far back as 1998 during the dot-com bubble and later evolving into his most recent realization, 17 Media. His pursuits of newly trending technologies has actively kept him ahead of the curve and a true industry leader. His most recent project, 17 Media, is the number 1 live-streaming app in developed Asia.
Jeffrey then founded Mithril, a decentralized social media platform that rewards all content creators. After the idea of helping content creators, Jeffrey decides to go beyond. He wants to “Help All Content Creators and Reward Their Supporters”.

As a former artist, Jeffrey has seen lots of content creators, whether musicians, writers, singers, or artists, suffered from not having enough resources at the very beginning. Crowd-funding is an early solution to support un-finished projects; however, it also suffers from the problem that early supporters have to bear most of the risks without having advantages of early supporting. Tokenization can avoid this problem. People can support the project/team/artist by investing the token issued. After the project is done, the more successful the project gets, the higher the value of tokens will become.

Leo Cheng/
Co-founder and CEO, Machi X

Leo Cheng is a strategy and ecosystem leader with proven success at building winning partnerships across functions and industries in both hardware and software. He has scaled teams at high-growth technology companies in enterprise software, SaaS, manufacturing, and retail.
Leo is currently on the advisory board of Mithril, a decentralized social media platform that rewards all content creators. He is a lifelong student of technology, and has always been on the business side of technology.
Prior to founding Machi X, Leo founded Blockstate, a San Francisco-based blockchain advisory firm, advising blockchain projects in various industry verticals, including Gaming, IoT/Connected Devices, and Social Media. Prior to Blockstate, Leo joined Solano Labs in 2013 as part of the founding management team, overseeing business functions. In 2017, Solano Labs was acquired by General Electric and became part of GE Digital.
Leo received his BA in Economics from University of California, Berkeley and MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

With his rich expertise and experience in technology management, Leo is excited to lead the team toward the next stage of growth and looks forward to breaking new ground in the asset tokenization space with Machi X.

Jason Fang /
Managing Partner, Sora Ventures

Jason is the Managing Partner at Sora Ventures, Asia’s first crypto-backed venture capital firm, and CEO at Sora Foundation, a platform for bridging resources in the blockchain investment space.
Prior to Sora, Jason was the Head of Global Business Development at Juzix (Formerly Juzhen Financials), a leading blockchain company led by Wanxiang Holdings.
Jason joined the blockchain industry in the early 2016 as an Associate at Fenbushi Capital, Asia’s first blockchain venture capital firm where he managed deal-flows and post management of companies in North America.
In addition to his active role in blockchain investments, Jason is a Mentor at Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley and Startupbootcamp in China.Before co-founded Machi X, Jason has been a strong advisor of Mithril.

Sora Foundation will work closely with Machi X to strengthen communities in the Sora ecosystem. He believes Machi X can bring mass market adoption to the blockchain industry.