Sneak Preview of What’s Available in April! 四月新上架虛擬版權搶先看

To all Machi X fans, we heard you!
Here’s a sneak preview of what music copyright tokens will be available soon!

After releasing the music copyright tokens of “解脫” and “Where Are You Now”, Nicky Lee, the winner of the Golden Melody Award is releasing his next hit “I Will Be Well我會好好過” on Machi X soon!

The music copyright tokens of “I Will Be Well我會好好過”— a comforting song that has healed so many broken hearts — will be available on Machi X soon! Finally, it is time to collect the music copyright tokens of this classic!

“I Will Be Well我會好好過” was a single released in Nicky Lee’s album “Baby 是我”. Composed by Nicky Lee and the well-known producer Jae Chong, the song describes a man waiting for his lover to come around after a breakup and was delivered with Nicky Lee’s soulful voice in classical R&B. It was this album that won Nicky Lee the Best Mandarin Male Singer at the 18th Golden Melody Award!

  • The music copyright tokens of “I Will Be Well我會好好過” will be available on Machi X at 5 pm (UTC+8), April 16.

In addition to Nicky Lee, the Golden Melody Award winner, Machi X is wowing you with one more exciting piece of information. Drumroll…please welcome world-famous star CoCo Lee and her ”Just Want You要定你“!

The dance hit “Just Want You要定你” was the major single in her 2006 album, and it was the first time for well-known producer Jae Chong to be involved in the production of CoCo Lee’s album, creating new chemistry! The unbounded imagination of Jae Chong and the authenticity of CoCo Lee collided and resulted in the catchy “Just Want You要定你”!

  • The music copyright token of “Just Want You要定你” will be available on Machi X at 5 pm (UTC+8), April 23.

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這首陪伴過無數人度過失戀的情歌,「我會好好過」的虛擬版權將於Machi X平台上線啦!粉絲們終於可以收藏這首經典作品的虛擬版權了!

「我會好好過」收錄於《Baby是我》專輯,由李玖哲與天王製作人Jae Chong共同作曲,R&B情歌王子李玖哲以充滿靈魂的嗓音及經典R&B唱腔完美演繹,唱出男人分手後心甘情願等待對方回頭的心情。而此張專輯更讓李玖哲獲得獲得第18屆金曲獎最佳國語男歌手殊榮!

-「我會好好過」虛擬版權上線時間:4/16 下午五點(UTC+8)

除了金曲歌王李玖哲之外,Machi X此次更邀請到重量級嘉賓,國際天后CoCo 李玟帶來她的「要定你」!

動感舞曲「要定你」不但是2006年的專輯主打歌,更首度邀請到天王製作人Jae Chong參與製作,與CoCo撞擊出全新火花!Jae Chong天馬行空的想法,加上CoCo堅持最想要的自己,激盪出這首朗朗上口的「要定你」!


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