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Apr 26 · 2 min read

To all Machi X fans, we have what you are looking for!

Golden Melody Award winner and R&B hits maker Nicky Lee(李玖哲) is bringing another classic to Machi X after the success of “Relief”(解脫) and “I Will Be Fine”(我會好好過). Let’s welcome all-time fans’ favorite “Think Too Much”(想太多).

This song was the most popular one when the album released. “Think too much”(想太多)describes urban romance and commands the audience with Nicky’s intense emotions. Star producer Jae Chong paired the song with a calming piano melody which compliments Nicky’s husky voice!

In addition, Della, the love song singer adored by all, is releasing her song “ Jiao Cha”(交叉) to Machi X as well!

With Jae Chong as the composer and Eva Ai as the lyricist, “ Jiao Cha”(交叉)was from Della’s album “Be My Best Friend”. Backed by the golden production team, “ Jiao Cha”(交叉) marked as Della’s first collaboration with Auli Blubluone, the popular soul singer! Blending the features of the two artists, star producer Jae Chong combines pop and funk with a modern twist to create this dance hit “ Jiao Cha”(交叉)!

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R&B情歌王子、金曲歌王李玖哲好評再加碼!暨經典傳唱歌曲「解脫」、「我會好好過」之後,又有經典歌曲要上架到Machi X啦!讓我們掌聲歡迎「想太多」!


《想太多》是金曲歌王李玖哲同名專輯中的主打歌曲,他再度用深刻濃厚的情感詮釋出都市戀愛故事,征服聽眾。而天王製作人Jae Chong譜出的旋律更為整首歌營造出平和的情緒,沈靜的鋼琴加上李玖哲略帶沙啞的嗓音,完美組合將這首經典情歌發揮得淋漓盡致!

除此之外,全民情歌天后丁噹「交叉」也降臨Machi X啦!

由天王製作人Jae Chong編曲、艾怡良填詞,「交叉」收錄於丁噹發行的專輯「當我的好朋友」。不僅有金牌團隊製作,「交叉」更是丁噹更首度與靈魂歌姬家家合作的作品!融合丁噹及家家風格,天王製作人Jae Chong以流行元素混合經典放克曲風,加上現代化編曲,打造出這首動感舞曲「交叉」!

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