Understanding of Advantages

In life, I have been very thankful to have had many different advantages in life. For instance, my parents are paying for my college so I won’t have student loans to worry about paying off when I’m older. Also, my parents have worked hard all their life in order to give my brother and I a tremendous life in which we do not have to worry whether there is food on the table or if we have a roof over our head. Also, we have been able to go on multiple vacations and have been able to get the latest technology. These multiple things having given us an advantage in life.

The advantages I have in life helps me to comprehend what the less advantaged than me might be having to deal with. Due to me having many advantages in life, it makes me think about the people less fortunate than me. Knowing that I have food on the table and other individuals in the world do not makes me understand more about what they might be feeling when they get home from a hard days of work, but they still do not have enough money to give themselves let alone any children they have any food or even clothing. I percieve the less advantage as people who are always worried about money and scrambling to make sure they have enough money to pay rent for an apartment. Understanding what I have been through and realizing the many advantages my parents have given me makes me recognize and want to give back to the less advantaged individuals in life when I am older.

On the otherhand, realizing the advantages I have also helps me in how I percieve the more advantaged people in life. I distinguish the more advantaged as individuals who get anything and everything they want and do not have to worry about how much something costs. Children who have grown up privalged have not had to work and most likely have had their parents“bow down” to them and do anything they want them to. Also, most children who grow up privilaged become very condesending and take advantages of others in life.

Below is a link to the song “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates. This song helps connect to my ideas on the more advantaged because, for example, in the chorus it says “Cause you know it don’t matter anyway, You can rely on the old man’s money.” Meaning that rich people don’t have to worry about money because they can rely on their parents or in this case “old man’s” money to get them through life. The song helps to connect to my thoughts on the more advantage because I perceive them as people who get whatever they want and can do whatever they want, which is what the artist was trying to convey in the song about a “rich girl” or rich people in general based on how they have allows been perceived to be.