10 Absolutely Useful MacOS Apps You’ll Probably Never Stop Using

Apps that put your productivity on steroids

Nikhil Vemu
Mac O’Clock
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7 min readJun 5, 2022


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I’ve always lived with classic macOS apps all my life. I used to be a hard-core minimalist. Yet, when I lately discovered some ridiculously useful apps, I repent for my past sentiments.

These apps made my life really easier. They put my productivity on steroids, and I hope you’ll feel the same too.

Here I explain you about 10 of them. Ahem.

#1. NightOwl (Free)

Image courtesy of NightOwl

If you’re a person who wants light mode for certain apps and dark for the rest, install NightOwl, and specify which apps should stay in light mode, while your Mac still runs wholly dark.

NightOwl is a menubar app that provides easy and automated way to

  • switch between light and dark modes,
  • schedule it, and
  • specify apps for always-on light mode

irrespective of the preset mode for the entire macOS.

#2. Gestimer ($3.99 for lifetime)

Image courtesy of Gestimer on App Store

Gestimer is a very simple menubar app that lets you add timers just by dragging the icon down. The longer you drag, the longer the timer’s set.

You may want to use this to remind yourself

  • to drink water,
  • of a guest arrival, or
  • to leave for work.



Nikhil Vemu
Mac O’Clock

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