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14 Badass iPhone Tricks You Probably Never Thought Existed

I’d be surprised even if you say — “I know two of these!”

Nikhil Vemu
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14 min readApr 21, 2024


The iPhone is a mysterious gadget, really.

Regardless of how many hidden iOS tricks you know, there always exist more tricks waiting to awe you. And this isn’t any joke or exaggeration.

I’ve been writing on Apple for over 2.5 years and even before writing this article, I was thinking I knew every hidden iPhone trick. But as I started researching, I realised I got biased by the Dunning-Kruger effect.

The 14 tricks I’m writing below aren’t just secret tricks – but ultra-secret tricks almost nobody in my peer group knew about. And I hope that applies to you too!

Tricks included in this article

Miscellaneous Tricks
1 — Dial the last outgoing number
2 — Open a hyperlink in a new tab
3 — The quickest way to set a timer
4 — Owning an Apple Watch is good for your iPhone’s battery
iMessage Tricks
5 — Trigger phrases to share location or “pics”
6 — Trigger phrases for full-screen effects (+ A Secret Effect)
7 — Cooking up multiple emojis for better expression
Keyboard Tricks
8 — Access trackpad on Emoji keyboard
9 — Select text without touching it
10 — Get Kaomojis locally
Panorama Tricks
11 — Capture Panorama…



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