5 Best macOS Apps for a Productive Workflow

Data Science Edition

Abhinav Chandoli
Apr 7 · 5 min read
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Apple’s macOS is the preferred choice of most Data scientists. Mainly because of its simple and uncluttered experience. Mac machines get along well with almost all the tools a data scientist needs and then some. Even the less powerful models of Macs like MacBook Air can handle tools with ease.

Even Open source tools are better supported in macOS and are much easier to install compared to Windows. But even then you can find some hiccups while using macOS for data science. Thankfully we can install apps to minimize those problems. Try out these few apps to make your workflow productive.

iTerm 2

Image: iTerm 2

iTerm 2 is an open-source terminal replacement for your built-in macOS terminal. It is one of the most highly customizable terminals out there. Along with it comes a lot of nifty features. And a whole lot of customization options to configure it to your liking. You can use split panes to divide a tab up into multiple panes, each one showing a different session. You can even create any number of panes in any imaginable arrangement.

It has a dedicated hotkey window, that brings iTerm2 to the foreground when you’re in another application. Built-in search, autocomplete, copy mode, and Paste History features to help you save time. It even has a feature that lets you travel back in time to recover text that was erased from the terminal. That’s just the tip of the things, it has an insane amount of features and functionality you can unlock from. You can install iTerm 2 using Homebrew or download it from the official website.


Image: CopyQ

CopyQ is an advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features. It monitors your system clipboard and saves its content in customized tabs. You can then copy and paste the saved clipboard directly into any application. It can store text, HTML, images, or any other custom format. You can create, edit, sort, and drag-drop items in tabs.

You can add System-wide shortcuts with customizable commands. It even has an advanced command-line interface and scripting. You can also create custom actions that can be executed from the menu, with shortcuts, or when the clipboard changes. To get the most out of CopyQ, you should configure its Show or Hide menu shortcut and change the shortcut to ⌘ + `. You can install CopyQ from Homebrew too.


Image: BBEdit

BBEdit is one of the leading professional text, code, and markup editors for macOS. BBEdit is 64-bit and compatible with macOS Catalina and above. It also works natively on M1 Macs. It has some high-performance features for editing, searching, and manipulating text, code, and HTML/XML markup.

It has powerful text searching, including regular-expression matching and multi-file searching with file filtering. BBEdit includes the Grep Cheat Sheet shortcut, which contains more than 40 of the most commonly used patterns. It also has support for Apple’s swift, menu command shortcuts, macOS Unix scripting support, and many more features. You can download BBEdit right from the Mac App Store.


Image: SourceTree

SourceTree is a free Git GUI for your Mac. It allows a visual representation of your repositories. It simplifies how you interact with your Git repositories so you can focus on coding. It is very simple to use for beginners and powerful for experts. It allows you to review changesets, stash, cherry-pick between branches, and more.

It helps you stay on top of your work up to date with your code at a glance. It also visualizes your progress. It also supports Git LFS, sub-modules, Remote repository manager, and many more. SourceTree makes workflow productive when managing projects to jump between branches and stay on top of what is happening with the codebase.


Image: Papers

Papers is an award-winning reference manager software that helps you collect and curate the research material you want. It improves the way you discover, organize, read, annotate, share, and cite your research material completely. , It automates so many of the tedious steps that you might’ve used to do manually. It works both offline and online. It has many features and developers keep on adding to it almost every month.

The search & save feature allows you to quickly add references & full-text PDFs to your library from various Scholarly search engines. It has a personalized recommendation engine that keeps you on top of every new and important research paper. You can create private shared collections to collaborate with up to 30 other app users at a given time.

You can cite faster using the SmartCite feature, it conveniently organizes your PDFs into categories. All your research material will be synced across all devices the app has been installed. You can download the app from the Read Cubes website. Before buying the app you can try out the free trial too.

Other apps like Bitbucket a Git code management app which give teams one place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy. Dash an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. Deckset an app that turns your text into beautiful presentations.

Some of the above apps like CopyQ, SourceTree, and Papers also work on Windows 10 natively. I hope these apps and tools will make your workflow productive than before. Let me know your favorite apps that you use daily. Thank you for reading.

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