5 Mac Apps You Need to Try Now

Apps to better organize your Mac

Abhinav Chandoli
Apr 14 · 5 min read
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The macOS operating system has long been regarded as one of the most powerful and usable available. Significant changes have been made in the beta edition of the new macOS Big Sur upgrade. WWDC 2021 is also approaching; Apple can add even more impressive functionality to an already full OS, which may help you get the best out of your macOS.

However, although macOS has many awesome benefits, it also has some serious drawbacks. These disadvantages would sometimes also make it difficult to use. Still, luckily, we can download applications to fix practically every problem imaginable. Here are the top five applications you should install on every Mac device.

Deckset for Mac

Image: Deckset for Mac

Deckset is for people who are constantly in a hurry to get things done. Deckset is new presentation software that converts text from a document into a beautiful presentation in seconds. It creates your slides for you so you can concentrate on your ideas. Simply type your text in your preferred text editor and then open it in Deckset.

With a few keystrokes, you can also modify and add slides on the fly. Aside from that, Deckset comes with 19 professional-looking themes that will appeal to almost every audience. The software includes automatic syntax highlighting for hundreds of programming languages, as well as scale-to-fit text sizing, which can significantly reduce formatting time.


Image: Unclutter

Unclutter is a convenient place to keep files and notes. You won’t have to think about your Mac desktop being cluttered with this app. You will get to it by scrolling down with your mouse or trackpad from the top of the page. Drag the files or directories to the very top of the computer and drop them in the unclutter window.

Not just that, but you can take notes without having to open the text editor. You can keep track of your Mac clipboard history and remember recent clips by browsing the list. It’s well worth the money, despite the fact that it’s a little pricey. A free trial is also available. Before you buy it, give it a shot.


WeekCal is a popular calendar app that has recently released a macOS version. Overall, this is one of the most feature-rich calendar apps available for the Mac. The app syncs data from your iCloud and Google Calendar accounts to create a complete and detailed view of your schedule. The events are color-coded to make them easier for you to understand.

If you have a meeting or conference scheduled, you can easily join the meeting or conference right from the app. You can easily move your appointments by dragging, copying, and pasting. The app supports Mac widgets, Apple Watch, and is specifically developed for the latest and greatest macOS Big Sur from the ground up.


Image: Hazel app

Hazel is a Mac utility that organizes and cleans the files automatically. You should use Hazel to clean up your cluttered archives and save your files in a more ordered and coordinated manner. Hazel lets you save files based on their name, date, type, and a variety of other attributes. Any file of yours will be sorted and placed where it belongs based on these attributes.

You can also choose what goes where, and Hazel handles it all with ease thanks to its efficient pattern matching. Its cleaning power will also remove obstinate support files and other data left over from a deleted app. Hazel could quickly fill a role in your vital Mac services, making our work lives easier.

Nova Editor

Image: Nova Editor

Nova editor is a code editor created by the same people who created the highly known code editor Coda 2. Nova includes browser compatibility, robust APIs, modern workflows, and a diverse set of languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Sass, SQL, and much more. It gave us a bit more leverage over the customization wheel by allowing us to create our own themes.

Nova has a plethora of useful tools and plugins, as well as Git support, to improve your coding knowledge. It’s easy and versatile, with cool features like smart autocomplete, multiple cursors, brackets, and more, and it’ll quickly become your go-to editor. Nova editor is one such code editor that improves our coding experience.

Some other applications include Collabio, a tool for real-time offline document sharing, OpenIn, a smart file and connection opener, and Jump Desktop, a smart remote desktop utility for Mac. Endurance, an app that helps your MacBook battery last longer while also enhancing its overall health.

A few of the apps listed above, such as Unclutter, Collabio, and Endurance, are also available for download from the Setapp for all of your macOS devices. I hope these applications and resources make your life more efficient than it was before. Tell me about your favorite applications that you use on a regular basis. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Mac O’Clock

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Abhinav Chandoli

Written by

An Introvert, a YouTuber, a nerd, and a gamer. Writing about technology, science, and games. Contact: abhinavchandoli2@gmail.com

Mac O’Clock

The best stories for Apple owners and enthusiasts

Abhinav Chandoli

Written by

An Introvert, a YouTuber, a nerd, and a gamer. Writing about technology, science, and games. Contact: abhinavchandoli2@gmail.com

Mac O’Clock

The best stories for Apple owners and enthusiasts

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