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5 Ways to Open Links in New Tabs on Safari (iPadOS)

It’s way more fun than it sounds

I would like to applaud Safari’s developers on how they managed to provide not 1, not 2, nor 3 or 4 but 5 different ways of opening links in a new tab! That’s 100% idiot-proof!

However, most of them only work on Safari for iPadOS because they require both gestures and Drag & Drop support—macOS doesn’t support complex gestures, and iOS doesn’t have D&D. Still, 5 ways is very impressive in my opinion!

Method 1: The Long Press plus Normal Tap!

This is probably the most common way of opening links in a new tab. Simply press and hold on the link, then a preview and some options will pop up — including “Open in Background.” Tap that and it will open in a new tab!

Press and hold for about 1 second! Also works on iOS.

Method 2: The Two Finger Squish!

Slightly awkward but perhaps the fastest way. Squish two of your fingers together, then aim for the link…

Also works on iOS.

… and if you manage to hit it, it will open in a new tab! This requires prestigious skill for links of small area 😎.

Method 3: The Drag and Release!

Press and hold a link, and the preview will pop up — but don’t let go yet! Start dragging your finger towards the tab bar and release once the green “+” pops up.

Also works on macOS.

Method 4: The Command Click!

You’ll need an external keyboard for this one — I used my Logitech K380, because I didn’t want to spend $350 on Apple’s Magic Keyboard. First press Command, then tap on the link!

Also works on macOS.

This is one of my favorite ways to open links in a new tab because it’s the same shortcut that I use on my Mac.

Method 5: The Control Click plus Normal Tap!

Ctrl - clicking usually works as a right click on Mac and does on iPad too! Hold Ctrl while you tap the link, and the options will pop up. Tap “Open in Background” and it will open in a new tab!

Safari’s a nice browser. It’s fast, doesn’t gobble too much RAM, and even has 5 ways of opening links in a new tab 😁!

But I only use it on my iPhone and iPad — I’m a Chrome user on my Mac. There’s a lot of extensions to choose from and you can personalize it more, even if it gets slow sometimes. However, while both browsers are very decent, I don’t think Chrome has nearly as many ways of opening links in a new tab!

Anyway, that’s all the ways of opening-links-in-new-tabs in Safari that I found. If I missed any, leave a response below! Prepare to astonish your friends with your immense *but completely useless* 😂 knowledge about Safari’s incredible link-opening-in-new-tab ability!

Thanks for reading!



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