A New iMac Is Almost Here

The newly designed iMac is just months away

Robert C.
Robert C.
Jan 16 · 3 min read
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Rendering of the new 2021 iMac design

If you were to ask an Apple fanboy/girl which device has remained visually unchanged for the longest time, chances are they would say the iMac. With its unique design, the iMac has kept its current form since 2012.

Yes, Apple is starting 2021 with an iMac design that looks like it belongs in 2012.

The last iMac was released in 2020 and there is a general consensus that this was the last iMac to be released with the old design and Intel processors.

Based on all of the reviews and tests down with the M1 so far, we’ve seen impressive capabilities of the first-generation desktop-class Apple Silicon.
However, these were just entry-level chips, and according to leaked data, it is believed that the improved version of the M1 chip will be under the hood of the iMac, possibly named the M1X.

Depending on the source of information, predictions vary but this new iMac will have 12 or more CPU cores built into its hardware. What all of these predictions share in common is the fact that Apple will not use previously introduced chips with this iMac, so we’re 99% certain the original M1 will not be in the new iMac.

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Leak from China Times

A couple of months ago, a China Times report that the new iMac model will include a bumped up, new graphics processor, officially codenamed Lifuka.

This has sparked some real speculation about the potential graphics card designed by Apple. So far, there haven’t been any confirmations regarding these speculations.

Given how well the M1 8-core has done in benchmark testing, we can see how there isn’t a real necessity for such a step in the first place. We already know the MacBook Air is a stronger device than the Intel-powered 15-inch MacBook Pro in many capacities.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has mentioned Apple is working on chips with 16 and 32 CPU cores. The exact number of the GPU cores remains a secret for now.

The biggest and most long-awaited change to Apple’s iMac is the re-design. While we have a clue of what it’s going to look like, we still don’t know with 100% certainty.

According to popular Apple analysts and leakers, it is going to have smaller bezels and rounded edges, similar to the iPad Pro design.

We know that Apple has retired everything that has to do with Fusion Drives. So, the only kind of storage we can expect from the iMac is SSD’s. Likely starting with 256GB going up to 8TB.

All in all, if Apple does release this re-designed iMac, this year is going to be the year they do it. It is suspected this iMac will come in multiple sizes ranging from 21-inches to 27-inches, with the addition of a new 24-inch model. Some sources say we’re going to see a model released early in the year, followed by a higher-end model later in the year.

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