Airtags From Apple: Inexpensive And Cool

Apple Has Presented Its New Bluetooth Tracker Airtags

Ghani Mengal
Apr 22 · 3 min read
Apple Airtags

It’s not every day that Apple introduces a product that is cheaper than the accessories. This is exactly the case with the Airtags. The small round pendants do not have a hole or loop and logically have to be attached somehow. Apple jumps into the breach and sells all kinds of colorful accessories for $29, $35, and $39, respectively. And A set of four devices costs $99.

The Airtags can be ordered via the app, Apple’s website, and in the stores from April 23 at 2:00 p.m. CEST, sales will start on the Friday after next, April 30. Judging by the price and the usefulness of the small devices, we can say that they will be sold out shortly after the start of the order process, much like the Homepod Mini last winter.

What Are The Airtags Now?

Apple’s Bluetooth trackers look something like a coin but have concave sides, one of which is covered with some kind of plastic. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, this can be folded down for changing the battery.

According to Apple, an Airtag can last for a year with a standard CR2032 button battery. The air tags measure just under 32 millimeters in diameter and are 8 millimeters thin, and the Airtag weighs 11 grams. Several wireless modules are built into the interior: a Bluetooth module, the ultra-broadband chip U1 from the iPhone11 and newer, and an NFC antenna, this helps the finder to contact the owner of the lost airtag.

Apple Airtag

In addition to the wireless modules, Apple has built an accelerometer into the air tags. An Airtag is water-repellent up to IP67, at the same time the new Bluetooth tracker has a built-in loudspeaker that should emit tones if the user is looking for it.

All The Magic Happens On The Network

Apple suggests that Airtags should offer a magical finding experience with its intro advertising, in which a user, like Alice in Wonderland, falls into a hole and searches for his or her keys. The iPhone helps him on the scavenger hunt and navigates in the right direction, here, similar to Apple’s U1, is used for a really useful function.

If the object with the attached airtags is lost outside, Apple’s Bluetooth tracker can connect to any iOS device in the vicinity and report its location to the owner via the “Where is?” Network. Apple ensures that communication is encrypted throughout and no location data are processed on the Airtag.

around a billion active Apple devices are in circulation, is known from past keynotes, they will all help to localize Airtags. The small followers are partly operating system-agnostic: someone will find them without an iPhone or iOS-enabled device, he can follow the instructions via the NFC antenna of his device.

Apple already has experience with Bluetooth tracking, as implemented in the Corona warning app. The Airtags Bluetooth ID works according to the same principle: The identifier changes within a short period of time so that it is relatively difficult for attackers to create a movement profile from the changing Bluetooth IDs. At the same time, your own iPhone can indicate that an unknown tracker is constantly trying to connect with the device— protection against stalking with strange airtags.


The Airtags are compatible with the iPhones from iPhone 6S and iPhone SE of the first generation but require iOS 14.5. They can also be set up with the seventh-generation iPod Touch and with the iPads with iPadOS 14.5. The functions Exact search with U1 is only available from iPhone 11 and newer. When buying, you have to order a loop right away.

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