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Apple event : UNFOLDED

What an event!

Well, we all can agree that the we didn’t expected so many announcements on a single day from apple. There were new announcements about the Apple Card, the redesigning of the Podcasts App and also the iMac along with the launch of the AirTags which we all were waiting for since a long time and a new colour for the iPhone 12. Can’t leave the much loved iPad behind by any means.

Photo by Henry Ascroft on Unsplash

Let’s begin unfolding it one by one :

Apple Card

Apple launched it’s credit card back in 2019 and it caught an eye of lots of consumers and since then, it has been giving a wholesome amount of flashbacks on purchases which includes 1% on anything, 2% on everything you Pay with your iPhone and 3% on everything you buy from Apple Store. Apple decided to reinvent their credit card and now anyone over the age of 13 can get the new Apple credit card. Not only this, now spouses and partners can share the accounts and can get equal hold over the account. This is by far a great decision made by the company.


Apple AirTag

Yes, it has arrived. AirTags was in talks from the early 2019 and now it has arrived finally. Apple’s Find My network has been used over 1 Billion devices across the globe and now they have come up with a new device Called AirTags which uses the Find my network to locate the AirTag which can get attached to anything like your car keys, handbag, backpacks, anything you want to. You can locate your belongings using your iPhone and it will locate it as it would your iPhone. The AirTags will start at a price of $29 and pack of 4 for $99. Pre-orders will start from this Friday.

New Colour for iPhone 12

Apple released a new colour for it’s best selling iPhone at the time which was iPhone 12. The new colour is PURPLE. And it does look amazing in this colour. Apple previously had this colour on the 2019 flagship iPhone 11 which was also a great success.

iPhone 12 in the new Purple colour.

Apple Podcasts

Apple launched the Podcasts app back in 2012 when it has around 30,000 shows and now it has grown to over hundreds of millions of shows. The App is now redesigned and it will have a separate page for every podcast with a different theme going behind it. Apple also announced that it will now start an in-app subscription for Apple Podcasts which will help the creators make a lot of their business. It is launched In over 170 regions across the globe and it is the biggest change made for podcasts since its launch.

Apple TV 4K

Apple also decided to redesign the Apple TV. Well, sort-off. It now has the most powerful TV OS in any device. It is built with the A12 Bionic chip and supports Dolby Vision. Together, it can play HDR at high frame rate. It now also has a new colour balanced feature which with the help of your iPhone helps the Apple TV to change the colours automatically without having to change it manually. The new Apple TV remote now has a button for everything. It is touch enabled and has a circular gesture. It also comes with the Siri button on the side of the remote and it is made with 100% recycled aluminium. The new Apple TV 4K will be available for $179 for the base 32 GB variant. Pre-orders will start from this Friday and the product will be available in May.

Apple TV 4K

The new iMac

The M1 chip gives breakthrough performance and an incredible battery life. The iMac is now completely redesigned. It has spectrum of vibrant colours. A single sheet of glass covers the entire front of the iMac. Back of the iMac has now different colours, 7 to be specific. The previous logic boards on the iMac were huge and would acquire lot of space. The CPU and GPU were also different. Thanks to the new M1 chip, the new logic board is now very minimal and fits in a small space. The new iMac has a 24 inch 4.5k Retina display. The images are vivid and brilliant. The camera and mic have taken a whole another level.

The iMac now comes with a 1080p FaceTime camera which paired with M1, brings new level of clarity to your video. They also levelled up the speakers too, which now sound better than any Mac in existence. Gaming on iMac is better than ever. With 85% faster CPU and 2x faster graphics, you can now do anything on this iMac. With 3x faster machine learning, iPhone apps can run on the iMac without any problem. Calls and texts can now be directly answered from the iMac. It comes with 4 USB-C ports and can support upto 6K display. Whatever happens on your iPhone will now happen on your iMac too.

The different colours available in the new iMac

It also has variety of keyboards and trackpads to offer. The new wireless keyboard now comes with emoji key and wireless Touch-id which is one of the biggest upgrade on a keyboard. The trackpads now come in 7 different colours to support 7 different colours of iMac. The pre-orders will start this Friday and it will start shipping from May. It starts at a price of $1499 for the four colours.

iPad Pro

As with the Mac’s, now the iPad’s come with the M1 chips which gives you next level performance. It gives you 50% faster CPU which is 75% faster than previous iPad. It also comes with 8-core CPU and 40% faster GPU. Now it also supports the playstation controllers which makes it easy to game on the iPad. It is the fastest device of its kind giving you all-day battery life. You can also configure it to 2TB variant which means 2x faster storage. The iPad will also support 5G which means wherever you are, you will never miss out on anything.

2021 iPad Pro

The iPad Pro also has Pro Cameras. The True Depth Camera helps to unlock the iPad in fraction of seconds. It also has an ultra-wide sensor and a 12 MP Camera. And a new feature called Centre Stage which is my favourite upgrade on the iPad. Now whenever you FaceTime someone and you have to go out of the frame, the camera follows you wherever you go. And if someone steps in the frame, it recognises it and shifts the focus on the person in it.

The 12.9 inch variant now comes with a Liquid Retina XDR display which means that the 12.9 inch iPad comes with the display of the Pro Display XDR which is the Apple’s highest display. The new magic keyboard case now comes with the backlit keys and is available in white colour too. As any other device, the iPad is also made from 100% recycled aluminium.

The 11 inch iPad Pro still starts at a price of $799 and the 12.9 inch will start at $1099. It will be available from the second half of the May.

I didn’t lie when I said it was a lot to handle in today’s event. With a new product launch and redesign of the others, Apple is producing the best line of the products In the world right now.



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