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Expanding PKGs on macOS

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Extracting the Package Contents

If your PKG is inside of a DMG, start here.

hdiutil attach <PATH_TO_YOUR_DMG>
(EXAMPLE) hdiutil attach ~/Downloads/SF-Symbols.dmg
cd ~/Documents/
pkgutil --expand-full <PATH_TO_PKG> <FOLDER_TO_EXTRACT_TO>/
(PKG inside of DMG) pkgutil --expand-full /Volumes/<VOLUME_NAME>/<PACKAGE>.pkg <FOLDER_TO_EXTRACT_TO>/
(EXAMPLE) pkgutil --expand-full /Volumes/SFSymbols/SF\ Symbols.pkg extracted_package/
Daedalus:~/Documents/extracted_package hkamran$ ls
Distribution Resources SFSymbols.pkg
cd <PACKAGE_NAME>.pkg/Payload/; open $(pwd)
(EXAMPLE) cd SFSymbols.pkg/Payload/; open $(pwd)



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