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Going Paperless with the iPad: My Experience


This is an important question to ask. For many, this is something that should be obvious, while others may ridicule the idea of doing so. Paper has proved since centuries before us, that it is one of, if not, the best medium to pour out thoughts. Taking notes, writing, doodling, the list goes on and on.

1. For the Earth

Let’s be honest, the world isn’t in the best shape right now and cutting down trees so that a student can draw a terrible stick figure in the corner of notes that they will probably not refer to at all isn’t going to help it. More than 3.5 billion trees are cut down every year for books, and that isn’t even considering the number of pollution paper contributes to.

2. For myself

I used to be that kid in school who would carry only 4 books, a pen and a writing pad to school, and every month miraculously, I would magically find forgotten slips about appointments, lost notes, worksheets and even leaking ink-pens, in every compartment of my apparently empty bag.

Why choose the iPad?

As I stated in my earlier post, the iPad is a wonderful tool, especially for students. OneNote is my note-taking app of choice and it is packed with useful features, most of which I use almost everyday.

How I use the iPad?

This is what’s on my iPad home-screen.

My iPad Homescreen

Final Verdict

Going into this, I knew there would not be any major caveats, and truth be told, there aren’t any. If anything, it has me more intrigued as to why anyone shouldn’t consider going down this path.



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