How to implement natural sorting on the alphanumeric array in swift?

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In Swift (or most of the programming language), the default method for sorting an array uses lexicographic order. That means string Foo12 does come before the string Foo2.

Example 1 (Lexical Sort):

Lexical Sorting

In most cases, we perform lexical sorting on our array. But there might be a scenario where we need to use natural sorting for a better look on for end-user. (eg. Sorting File Names). In the natural soring order, the string Foo12 comes after the string Foo2.

We can achieve natural sorting in swift using the localizedStandardCompare(_:) method from the Foundation framework.

Example 2 (Natural Sort):

Natural Sorting

The macOS Finder also use localizedStandardCompare:, method to sorts filenames.

We can also use the compare(_:options:) method to achieve the same result.


localizedStandardCompare(_:) method should be used whenever file names or other strings are presented in lists and tables where Finder-like sorting is appropriate.


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