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How to Import Fonts into Xcode (Swift 5)

You have just started ios developing and have created an application. Now you want to go more Further and want to your app looks better than it is, So what is better than a Text that created with a good looking Font. But How do we can add our own favorite Fonts into Xcode Project?

I assume you have already downloaded your desire Font and you are ready to use it.

Let’s get started and import a Font.

Step 1: Create a Folder to hold our Font

We usually call this Folder, Assets. So we create a folder that its name is Assets, Then inside that, we create Another folder with name Fonts to hold our imported Font files. You should have a Hierarchy like this :


Step 2: Drag your Font into the Xcode project

Select your Font Files and Drag them into Font Folder that we have created it earlier.

Select Your Fonts.

After you added Fonts into Xcode, a pop-up appears Like this :

Make sure that Copy items if needed and Add to targets are checked, Now we have added our Fonts and Font folder should look like this :

Step 3: Register Font names inside info.plist

Click on the last + button at the bottom of The list, Then Type Font provided By Application and type font names. Your info.plist should look like this :

Now The Fonts are ready to be Used.

Step 4: Use the font

With the storyboard, find the font in the drag-down menu.

Well Done !!!

I hope you found this post useful.



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