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I Called AirPods Max Bullsh*t. Then I learnt These 12 Things.

Sorry AirPods Max — I didn’t know you work this hard for me

Nikhil Vemu
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14 min readMay 27, 2024


Though the AirPods Max looks ridiculous on its face, it’s some of the greatest consumer tech the world has ever witnessed. Hands-down.

I even called it bullsh*t when I got one in 2022. Now, I’m not taking my words back — it’s still bullsh*t in many aspects.

But I’ve lately chanced upon content explaining AirPods Max’s tricks and underlying tech that amazed me.

“Amazed” couldn’t explain my emotion. It’s something bigger. Something between amazed and realised. I feel — Maybe I shouldn’t have talked too down upon AirPods Max. It’s more capable than I thought it was.

Here are 12 things you probably didn’t know your AirPods Max could do. This can hopefully bring you come soft corner for the weird-looking headphones.

What’s in this article

1 — Disassemble AirPods Max (Headband + 2 Ear Cups)
2 — The $35 filthy cable (how it works)
3 — Why AirPods Max doesn’t work wired without battery
4 — Get rid of EMF
5 — Use AirPods Max while charging
6 — The three sensors of AirPods Max
7 — How AirPods Max Low Power Mode works
8 — You’ve heard “Adaptive EQ”, but what’s it?
9 — Digital Crown…



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