If I Could Only Use 10 macOS Apps for The Rest of My Life, I’d Use These

Very useful apps that I’d probably never uninstall

Nikhil Vemu
Mac O’Clock


MacBook Pro in dark
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Over the course of 3.5 years as a tech blogger focused on Apple, I’ve come across hundreds of macOS apps — and I’ve installed dozens of them on my computer.

However, only a few apps do I call indispensable. In fact, I rely on some of them almost every hour of the day. And some apps, almost every few seconds!!

To the hypothetical question —

“If you’re ever forced to use only 10 apps for the rest of your life, what’d you pick?”,

they’re the answer.

Some apps protect my physical health, some do mental, some improve my productivity, and some introduce features that macOS never had and will probably not have foreseeably.

Here are the 10 Mac apps I’ve been talking about — and taking for granted everyday.

Apps included in this article

1 — LookAway: Fix dry eyes and digital strain
2 — Alfred: Application launcher and productivity software
3 — Mac Mouse Fix: Add gesture functions and smooth scrolling to 3rd party mice
4 — PopClip: Access context-specific actions when text is selected
5 — SelfControl: Block your own access to…



Nikhil Vemu
Mac O’Clock

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