iPad Pro finally breaks through by taking design clues from iMac

The iMac saved Apple. Will it save iPad?

Michael Schmidt
Mar 20 · 2 min read

After resetting Apple and inspiring the world with iMac, Steve Jobs and Jony Ive went on to perfect iMac design over the last 20+ years.

After a kick start in the marketplace, but struggling to find its place in Apple’s product line driven by large numbers, iPad went upmarket with its Pro edition.

It was only two years ago that it emerged with its own industrial design, and this week, Apple went one step further and gave the Pro line its own distinct hardware user experience feature. With that, it may have finally hit the sweet spot between a laptop and a phone — by being none of the two, but something completely different: A desktop.

iPad Pro and its new Magic Keyboard adopt the floating design of the screen that people have loved in iMac for decades. It is a quite simple enhancement compared to the previous Smart Keyboard, where iPad was simply sitting on the keyboard. With just the few inches in the air, it becomes a totally different feel of the same machine. And it achieves the same quality that iMac has.

Apple promises “smooth angle adjustment” just like in iMac. Videos show that you’d magnetically attach and remove iPad with one hand, making it a smooth experience indeed. One more thing that makes the setup similar to iMac is the charging port on the back of the keyboard. Whereas before, the charger would go into the side of your iPad it now sits on the base level of your desk.

This design pushes me over the edge to replace my 2015 11" MacBook Air.

Michael Schmidt

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Director Consulting at Virtual Identity. I spent a decade on automotive brands in digital, and blog about brand strategy, #ubx and #AppleCar / #ProjectTitan.

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