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iPhone 13 Series in a nutshell…

Apple Customised Logo Courtesy: Apple Hub

The wait for iPhone 13 Series is finally coming to an end, the launch is just around the corner, 14th September, according to DigiTimes. This story will basically tell what to expect, more like what will we see new from the much anticipated iPhone 13 Series.


We can expect smaller notches on the iPhone 13 lineup, yeah, after gradual changes in bezels, we will finally see that notch shrinked down. The way this size will be achieved would be by moving the earpiece to the top bezel. This could result in one good thing though, now Apple can make their iPhones’ earpiece a little bigger than previous, sh*t they can even stretch it to the shrinked notch ends.

The earpiece has been shifted upwards

A new camera layout, more like rearranged, seems to be coming for the non-Pro variant, the camera lens will be placed diagonally instead of linear like the old times. The camera module of the Pro variants though is just huge like they probably cover half the iPhone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Rose Gold
Image Courtesy: Apple Hub


Last year Apple added OLED panels on their whole iPhone 12 lineup including Mini with Ceramic Shield, well this year, Apple is finally coming up to its competitor by bringing a 120Hz ProMotion display with LTPO technology (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) to the iPhone 13 lineup, yeah don’t get too excited…it will be exclusive to Pro variants. The non-Pro variants will keep the OLED panels and Ceramic Shield. The screen size will remain as the previous respective variant.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro models will come with 120Hz ProMotion XDR Display

If you’re new to this LTPO tech thing, it is a tech developed by Apple which allows the display to adjust the refresh rate depending upon what is being played varying from 120Hz to 1Hz which will help the iPhone to last longer.

For Example, if you’re watching a movie, then the refresh rate will adjust to the frame rate the movie is shot at, usually 30fps (standard), meanwhile if you’re playing games at 90fps, the refresh rate will switch to that particular rate.


Remember I said that the camera module of Pro variants is huge? That’s because Apple is switching the aperture size of the Ultra-wide lens, going from f/2.4 to f/1.8 letting in more light to the sensor to enhance low-light performance. I’m not sure if this switch will make it to non-Pro models, I’m rooting for it though.

Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini, new iPhone release
Cr.: EAP (EverythingApplePro)

Other than apertures, Cinematic Video and ProRes are the features that will be making their way to this year's iPhones, according to Mark Gurman.

Cinematic Video will enable the iPhone to shoot videos with the bokeh effect, keeping the object in focus while keeping giving the background a soft bokeh and the bokeh can be tweaked after recording.
ProRes, as the name suggests, just like ProRAW, will allow the iPhone to shoot videos with extra bits of information to make it highly editable in post-production for the color tuning and dynamic range. And just like ProRAW, it will be exclusive to the Pro models.


Apple A15 chip is going to be on the same TSMC’s 5nm fabrication process but we can always expect at least 10–15% of CPU, GPU boost over its predecessor meanwhile we can see a significant boost in Neural Engine.

Apple A15 Bionic
Credit: Apple | edited

Apple had optimized the A14 Bionic for shooting Dolby Vision videos, and now adding the feature like Cinematic Video and ProRes, A15 will be ahead of other chipsets, again, no doubt.

iOS 15

iPhone 13 Series will be coming with iOS 15 out of the box, there is nothing wrong to say that it will be the most optimized for it.

If I were asked to explain iOS 15 in few lines, I’d say ‘Productivity, Redesign, Privacy in a new way.’

iOS 15 comes with SharePlay, redesigned Apple Maps, Weather
Credit: Apple

There are many new features like Shared by You, Focus, SharePlay, Safari (extensions can be now added on iPhone), iCloud+, etc.

My personal favorite would be Safari, not majorly because of the redesign, but because of the privacy, and extensions support which further increases the capability of this browser. Plus, Safari has an inbuilt IP Address spoofer, VPN in simple words.

Credit: Apple


Every model of iPhone 13 seems to be getting a little more juice than its predecessors. While every iPhone is getting a battery bump, iPhone 13 Pro Max seems to be getting a massive boost by 18%, going from 3,687 mAh to 4,352 mAh.

Earlier it was being said that the prices will be taking their predecessors' place respectively but now DigiTimes broke it out to us that the shortage of A15 chip production would lead to a 20% increase in the price of each unit. Apple will have no other way to compensate that price other than the customers.

That’s been it for this story guy, hope this story was informative and enjoyable.
Peace. ✌🏻

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