Let me convince you why I’m an Apple enthusiast

Brian Chew
Jan 31 · 3 min read

Apple is known well for the ease of use on any Apple Device. For instance, the mac is so smooth and easily accessible. All settings are configured on a single application. You don’t have to go through 5 or 6 different panels to configure what you want.

One major reason is because Apple has human interface designers, and they do a lot of work. Resourceful work. Meaningful work.

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Apple’s System Preferences on MacOS

The icons are carefully designed, well placed and you can browse through and find what you want to configure easily. Or search for it easily with the search panel.

I’m a big fan of how Apple designs their products. From day one, human interfaces has been a core and integral pillar of all Apple products and services.

The next biggest feature I’m a big fan of is its default Apple ecosystem. The entire ecology of Apple devices is purely amazing. I love how when I’m listening to music on my iPhone (through my Airpods) — that I get a prompt (through an audio notification, as my music’s volume is lowered ever so slightly), and Siri reads my messages for me.

I can also reply through Siri, and send the message through Siri. It’s just amazing. I don’t have to be at my device. Small things like this that the designers at Apple have thought of, makes Apple one of the best companies offering quality products/services.

Next, let’s talk about Apple ID.

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Apple ID is a m a z i n g. I can talk all day about features and how well it integrates — which is a huge unique selling point by itself. It just makes your whole tech experience more enjoyable.

For instance, using safari, I can easily sign up on any website and let iCloud Keychain generate and save passwords for me. Why use something else like OnePassword, or Dashlane? Best part? The same credentials are accessible through all my Apple Devices. I can visit the same website, authenticate with FaceID on my iPhone, and log in just under a second or less.

The thought process and flows behind usage like these help make Apple Products infinitely more enjoyable and fun to use. Still not convinced?

Does any other ecosystem exist out there that does all this? Sure, it may — amazon has its own mini-ecosystem for the fire tablets and stuff but in terms of its functionalities, or better yet, human design… it’s nowhere as near as Apple’s.

It’s also one huge reason why people over-pay for the iPhone, and well.. even if it’s overpriced. The time you save, the experience you’ll get all outweigh the cost of the device (maybe over time, if you’re paying via installments).

All in all, Apple is a great company and no doubt one of the leaders in terms of mobile, wearables, and tech devices in general. However, I think they’ve been the best, still are and will be the best because of their huge focus on human design.

Thanks for reading. I wrote this after some inspiration hit me — after I experienced one of the features I mentioned earlier. It’s amazing. I can’t wait for what else Apple has to offer.

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The best stories for Apple owners and enthusiasts

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