MacBook Air M1, My First Ever MacBook?

The opinion of a lifetime Windows user.

Miguel Ribeiro
May 17 · 3 min read
Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

One day I was looking online for good deals on a new Macbook Pro, I’ve convinced myself to change my old trusty Windows laptop for the sake of…. I don’t even know, entrepreneurship and design, I guess…
As almost every Windows user, I always look at the Apple laptop as a very dramatic change to my daily life because it is a very different approach, with a different operative system and very hard to learn to use smoothly, or so I thought.

On that run for the best deal, I came across the price of the Macbook Air. I knew it was cheaper but I also knew that it wasn’t the best laptop and the price/quality ratio would not go in favor. I like to play around with some photo and video editing therefore I was looking for a strong machine. But, here comes the twist, this was exactly at the time that Apple had released their new processor The M1 Chip and it was a game-changer!

Immediately went to the most trustful and impartial search method of all… YouTube. I typed the words “MacBook Air M1” and a whole new world just opened up, a world full of “The MacBook You Should Buy”, “Why The New Macbook Air is Better than the Macbook Pro”, “The New MacbookAir M1 is Just Too Good”, and thousands of other love-letters to Apple. People were loving this new machine and I knew why. They were now able to have a strong Apple laptop for a reasonable price, a price that doesn’t scare a Windows life-long user that’s used to not paying above 1000$ for a laptop ( me ).

One question remains: Is this the usual hype that I’m used to witnessing every time Apple releases a new product or was I truly onto a good opportunity to buy my first Macbook?

Now as any trustworthy piece about tech gear, let me just throw you some benchmarks, and for this, I’ll also link the video that I’ve found the most informative about the new Macbook Air:

video by Max Tech on YouTube

In short:
CPU TEST: Single-Core Score — 1718 | Multi-Core Score: 7539
Graphics 7 Core GPU version: 18881
For thermal performance and benchmark comparisons, I recommend you watch the linked video.

For me, benchmarks are a good starting point to form an opinion on a tech purchase, however, I find real usage reviews most helpful and therefore searched for the said topic and came across a few videos, and very recently the Tech/Productivity YouTuber Ali Abdaal released this video and I stand by his perspective:

video by Ali Abdaal on YouTube

Basically, I found that this base-model Macbook Air would serve my everyday needs easily. Video editing was not a concern, battery life was set to be a game-changer, and the fact that this laptop does not have any type of cooling system, (a fan for example) besides the aluminum body itself, for me is a statement that Apple made regarding the performance os this machine.

I’ll save you the trouble: Yes!

Fast forward, 4 days of research, and 3 months of usage, I’m writing this very piece in my new 2020 M1 Macbook Air. I took advantage of a sale on the Apple store and got the version with 512Gb and 8 Core GPU but I honestly think that the entry-level version would be just fine.

I’ve exported an hour-long 4k video project and the laptop didn’t flinch once!
I only charge it once every two days, and I have the confidence to leave the house with my laptop and not carry the charger. I also have an iPhone and the integration is flawless, taking phone calls or answering texts on my laptop is a productivity game-changer.

So the final word is that I’m beyond impressed with this laptop and it is worth every penny.

I’ll leave you with the questions that I asked myself when I was considering this purchase:

- Why do I need a MacBook?
- What can I do on a MacBook that I can’t on a Windows laptop?
- Can I afford it?
- Will this purchase have a meaningful impact on my work and productivity?
- Is this the very best decision to make right now?

Be safe,

Mac O’Clock

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