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How to chunk files into smaller files in macOS

Problem Statement: I have a very large CSV file containing millions of records which need to be chunked into smaller files. These files would be later ingested into a database


  1. Create a program to read the file line by line and create a new file


Option #3: Use the MacOs native tool split to chunk the files


  1. Creating a program to split the file involves cost & effort

SPLIT command


split [-a sufflen] [-b byte_count] [-l line_count] [-p pattern] [file [prefix]]

The size of the pricedata.csv file is approximately 4.41GB containing ~26 million records. For ingestion to the database, I would like to split the files into 1 million per file and then process it.

split -l 1000000 pricedata.csv

In less than 2 minutes it splits the file into 26 small files. It by default select the xa series number for the chunked files.

In case you want to assign a different name use the following syntax

passing the parameter ppd- will make the split command use the file name pattern and add alphabetical suffixes next to the chunked files



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