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Publishing With Mac O’Clock

Editorial principles, rules, and services explained

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At Mac O’Clock we strive to publish the best stories related to Apple and its ecosystem of products and services. Our goal is to publish informative, sharp, and to the point stories aiming to help other Apple users with tips, hints, and news. If you would like to share knowledge with others, welcome to Mac O’Clock!

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Everybody is welcome to publish

We are always open to receive and publish your stories on Mac O’Clock. However, we do have some requirements in place to ensure that we deliver the best possible content for our readers.

Have (some) Medium experience

We expect our authors to have a minimum of 500 Medium followers (or a strong follow in other social media). This is to ensure that you, as an author, have already learned the ropes of Medium. If you are a new author, we suggest you start with a smaller publication, learn your audience, see what writing style works for you, and once you are ready we are here to further boost your stories.

Submit non-published stories

We only accept non-published stories, i.e. Drafts. This is to ensure that publishing a story to Mac O’Clock has the biggest impact for us and for you.

No blog-like or Wikipedia-style stories

Stories like “Why I love Apple”, or “Why Apple is the best at xyz”, or “Why you should switch to Apple”, etc. may be relevant to your personal blog or Medium page, however they make little sense for a publication (a fact backed by our statistics, showing that such stories perform very poorly in Mac O’Clock). Similarly, stories like “Who is Tim Cook”, or “The history of Apple”, etc. are better kept for your personal page.

Deliver on your title’s promise

If you promise in your title “A complete iPhone XYZ review”, your readers expect to find… a complete review. A “complete review” requires several thousands of words, covering many different technical specs, angles, and features. The same goes for titles like “Everything you need to know for …”. Please be wise when choosing your title as we will reject stories promising too much and delivering too little.

Similarly, please avoid clickbait titles, i.e. “Here’s the one thing you need to do on your iPhone”; such stories, will not be accepted.

Affiliate links oriented content

If the sole purpose of your story is to provide a list of affiliate links, please think twice whether you are really providing value to your audience. As a general rule of thumb, we will not accept stories with more than a couple of affiliate links — and you still need to back such links with appropriate content.

Please remember, if you include affiliate links you need to clearly let your readers know about it. Stories with affiliate links without a proper disclaimer will be rejected.

CTA and links to your own content

For the time being, we will not reject stories with CTA but please be reasonable. There are various articles discussing whether asking users to clap, to bookmark, to redistribute, etc. provide any value; we encourage you to read such articles first.

If you decide to include a CTA section, please keep it at 2–3 lines maximum. Stories with longer CTA sections will be asked to be amended.

Similarly, there is no need to add links to your own content at the end of your story as Medium will automatically inject such links for you. Keep in mind that Medium not only knows better which links will perform better but will also dynamically change those links when necessary.

If you decide to include links to your own content at the end of your article, please keep it at a single link only. Stories with more than one link will be asked to be amended.

How to publish with us

If you never published with us before, we should first add you to our writers list. The quickest way for you to contact us is via our Discord server in #medium channel:



use code: rfxZ4S4hD4

Alternatively, you can also contact us via email, however please be aware that there might be multiple days before your request is processed:

Include a short introduction on why you want to write for Mac O’Clock as well as link to a story you have previously written.

We will include you in our writers' team and then you can add your story to Mac O’Clock:

Submitting an already published story to Mac O’Clock

If you have published with us in the past, you are already in our writers' team and in addition to the above option you can now send us final drafts for publication. The story is still owned and published under your name, remaining fully managed by you.

Submitting a draft to be published on Mac O’Clock

We understand that you want your submitted draft to be published as soon as possible, so we do our best to have all submissions reviewed within 24hrs.

We only very lightly edit your stories, usually to add a subtitle if missing, add an intro image and create sections and subsections where and when appropriate. Our editorial touches are strictly on the aesthetic parts and we never touch your content unless it is to correct a spelling or grammatical mistake.

What happens after your story is published

You will receive a notification as soon as we have included your story in Mac O’Clock. Your story will automatically appear on our Medium page and shared with all other followers of Mac O’Clock.

We will also promote your story in our social media:


Please remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so that you can re-share your story.

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