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Publishing With Mac O’Clock

Editorial principles, rules, and services explained

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Nov 9, 2019 · Unlisted

First, thanks for your interest! At Mac O’Clock we strive to publish the best stories related to Apple and its ecosystem of products and services. We’re a small team, entirely comprising of hobbyists (i.e. for none of us is publishing on Medium our primary job or source of income). Our goal is to publish informative, sharp, and to the point stories aiming to help other Apple users with tips, hints, news and personal opinions. If you’d like to share knowledge with others, welcome to Mac O’Clock!

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Everybody is welcome to publish

We’re always open to receive and publish your stories on Mac O’Clock. We only have one rule: Be able to present your story concisely and be on topic. OK, that was two rules. But nothing too cumbersome, right?

It really makes no difference whether you started publishing on Medium last week or you’re already a seasoned author with hordes of followers waiting to applaud your stories. All stories submitted to Mac O’Clock are treated with equal respect and have to go through the same publication process and rules.

You don’t need to be an Apple fanboy/girl.

Yes, we like Apple and its products, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be true for you. As long as you have a well-written story presenting a point — positive or negative — about Apple’s products and services while providing arguments for it, your story is eligible for Mac O’Clock.

About the content of your story

Feel free to author your story in any way you deem fit. Choose your writing style, choose your language style (please note that we only publish in English), choose your usage of media and illustrations, it’s all up to how you like it best.

We only very lightly edit your stories, usually to add a subtitle if missing, add an intro image and create sections and subsections where and when appropriate. Our editorial touches are strictly on the aesthetic parts and we never touch your content unless it is to correct a spelling or grammatical mistake.

How to publish with us

email us a link to your story on:

We‘ll include you in our writers' team and then you can add your story to Mac O’Clock:

Submitting an already published story to Mac O’Clock

, you’re already in our writers' team and in addition to the above option you could also opt to send us a final draft for us to publish. The story is still owned and published under your name, remaining fully managed by you, however for us to publish in Medium’s algorithm.

Submitting a draft to be published on Mac O’Clock

We understand you want your submitted draft to be published as soon as possible, so we do our best to have all submissions reviewed within 24hrs.

What happens after your story is published

You will receive a notification as soon as we have included your story inMac O’Clock. Your story will automatically appear on our Medium page and shared with all other followers of Mac O’Clock.

We will also promote (at no cost, of course) your story inour social media:


We’d love to hear from you. Questions, ideas, criticism, it’s all welcome. You can contact us on:

Mac O’Clock

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    Mac O’Clock

    The best stories for Apple owners and enthusiasts

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