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The 11 craziest AI apps on Setapp for your everyday usage

“ChatGPT came, they said. Creators will die, they said”

Nikhil Vemu
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15 min readJun 21, 2024


But it’s only when ChatGPT came that my life as a creator has gotten 10x easier.

With the tool, I can now

  • Get my blogs proofread
  • Get my email drafts written
  • Organise my dumploads of files
  • Transcribe my videos
  • Save time that’s otherwise spent googling.

Oh yeah, and I’m getting more free time for rejuvenation — what else do I need?

Here are 11 AI apps I’m using from Setapp that are making it possible. I feels like I’ll forever be in debt for these apps for the help they’re doing.

Apps included in this article

1 — PhotosRevive: Colorize your old photos
2 — Ready to Send: Generate draft email replies
3 — Keep It Shot: Rename screenshots with AI
4 — PDF Pals: Chat with your PDFs
5 — Elephas: Get AI writing assistance
6 — superwhisper: Use AI to turn voice into text
7 — BoltAI: Write, code, learn with AI
8 — Luminar Neo: Improve your photos like a pro
9 — PDF Search: Find anything in a PDF with AI
10 — Plus: Work with text using AI
11 — Structured: Structure your day

#1. PhotosRevive

($18.99 for lifetime | Available on Setapp)

Photo colourised using PhotosRevive
Credit: PhotosRevive

This could be the coolest app you’ve ever seen.

As its name suggests, PhotosRevive brings back old b/w photos from 70’s or 80’s (or 40’s) by adding them natural colour.

How? AI.

It intelligently detects every single object in the vintage photo you provide, and then colourises everything appropriately.

Just look at how meticulously it colours every little detail!

A set of image colourised using PhotosRevive
Images colourised by the author
CREDITS:Moon: Photo by Andrea Sonda on Unsplash
Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash
Zebra: Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash
Man: Photo by ben o'bro on Unsplash
Rope: Photo by Saskia van Manen on Unsplash

Best parts,

  • The 533 MB app has AI built-in, so it doesn’t use the internet for detection and colours.
  • The app integrates into Share Sheet, so it’s easy to import old photos from local or ‘Photos’ into PhotosRevive.
  • It supports Continuity so you can scan your old photos and transfer them to Mac instantly.
  • Or, you can also install PhotosRevive on iOS!

#2. Ready to Send

(Starts at $5 a month | Available on Setapp)

Like I said many times, I’m a coder 9–5 and a blogger 5–9 — both of which require “networking” for success.

That happens with emails.
So it’s important I stay available, reply to emails on time, and follow up proactively.

But here’s the worst part → Cudgelling my already-burnt-out brain to craft formal and persuading emails/replies, especially when it’s a PM time and an urgent email.

Anyways, that’s a sad old story.

Lately, my life got easier when I installed this godsent AI Gmail extension — Ready to Send — that automatically generates a draft reply to my incoming emails.

Picture showing ‘Ready to Send’ extension
Source: Ready to Send

Best part, it doesn’t just consider the latest email, but the full conversation… for better context.

I can also

  • Customise it with my own AI prompt that suits my style, business, and draft length.
  • Choose which type of emails to auto-generate replies to (so my AI credits won’t get wasted replying to no-reply newsletters).

#3. Keep It Shot

(Free | Pro starts at $8/mo | Available on Setapp)

You know this already:
By default, all your screenshots are prefixed by the name “Screenshot” — followed by the time they were taken.

You can change the prefix to… say “Snapshot” using this Terminal command:

defaults write name Snapshot

That’s it. No more customisations to the names.

But, here’s the real issue:
What if you have boatloads of screenshots with the same prefix piled up and you can’t figure out which ones to save or delete?

As someone who just deleted 253 old screenshots, it isn’t practical to ‘Quick Look’ everything and decide. What did I do then?

I used Keep It Shot — an app that renames images using AI.

Simply choose some images and trigger the app. It uses GPT Vision to analyse each image and gives them all meaningful names.

Images renamed using Keep It Shot
Source: Keep It Shot

Best part, you can use “Watch Folders” where the app renames every image that drops in.

Also, ‘Keep It Shot’ keeps note of every image it worked on. It keeps their current and previous file names, description, OCR text, and keywords. So you can always execute a private search across your old images.

Searching across processed images in Keep It Shot
Screenshot by the author

You can also provide a custom prompt to suit your naming needs. For example, use:

"Can you create a filename for this image? Just give me the filename, no pre-amble, and no extension. Use 5 words. Keep date and the detected location."

#4. PDF Pals

($34 for lifetime | Available on Setapp)

The problem everyone had with ChatGPT was — they couldn’t paste the full text of a 2000-page ebook and ask questions about it. Coz it’s got an annoying limit for prompt and response characters.

If you’ve ever been there before, don’t worry. This new app PDF Pals comes to your rescue by instantly letting you chat with a local PDF.

Chatting with a PDF on PDF Pals
Credit: PDF Pals

If you wanna ask AI, questions about a PDF (like insurance T&Cs, ebooks), simply share it to PDF Pals (or drag and drop it).

The app will then recognise all the text in the PDF, plus run its powerful OCR engine to retrieve unrecognisable text from images.

Now you can magically chat with the PDF like it’s actual ChatGPT.

Ask PDF Pals anything, and it’ll respond with appropriate content from the PDF in lightening-speed — and also gives the page numbers referred to!

PDF Pals showing reference pages
Credit: PDF Pals

Best part,

  • There’s no limit to how big of a PDF you can chat with.
  • All your docs, training data, and API keys stay in your Mac, locally.
  • Credit card numbers, monetary amounts, email ids, and phone numbers can be redacted from the input docs.
  • The app supports API keys from OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and OpenRouter.
  • The level of OCR, indexing, and Temperature can be changed as per your wish.
  • It’s foolish to purchase an API key for just one or two PDFs, when you can just rent it from PDF Pals.

This would be a life-saver app at times for researchers, legal professionals, software devs, and students.

#5. Elephas

(Free | Pro starts at $4.99/mo | Available on Setapp)

Elephas app logo
Credit: Elephas

If you find yourself writing something everyday (like emails, blogs, DM replies) and wanna be assisted by AI to lighten your burden, Elephas is your next app.

There’s a lot to tell about it — coz it’s incredibly powerful.

Lemme explain everything it can do in brief:

(1) Rewrite ✏️

If you’re not sure how your writing will appeal to the reader, & wanna rewrite it in a specific tone, use ‘Rewrite’.

Once you select some text and trigger ‘Rewrite’, Elephas prompts you to choose the style from

• Professional
• Friendly
• Zinsser Mode
• Viral Mode
• Persuasive Mode

Just choose your preferred mode for the context, and Elephas will rephrase your text in a few seconds.

Viral Mode on Elephas
Credit: Elephas

(2) Continue writing…

If you’ve encountered writers’ block while on the flow, and are not finding words to continue, use ‘Continue writing’. For example, you’d use this feature on:

  • Air Pollution is
  • The 3 best universities in the US are
    (It notices the ‘3’ and only suggests three)

And Elephas would make a complete blog post on the topic. Isn’t it AMAZING?

‘Continue Writing…’ on Elephas
Credit: Elephas

(3) Smart write ⚡️

This is an open-ended feature that requires a few inputs from you.

For example, you wanna write an email accepting someone’s request for 15% discount on your product. Now you type:

Write an email accepting discount request.Discount: 15%
Company: Nik Software
Coupon Code: NIK15

Use ‘Smart Write’ feature on the text, and it types this:

Dear [Customer],Thank you for reaching out to us with your discount request. We appreciate your interest in our products and are happy to inform you that we have accepted your request for a 15% discount.As a valued customer, we understand the importance of providing you with the best possible pricing. Therefore, we have applied the discount to your purchase with the coupon code "NIK15". You can use this code during the checkout process to avail the discount.We hope that this discount will make your purchase more affordable and meet your budget requirements. If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.Thank you once again for choosing Nik Software. We look forward to serving you and providing you with a great experience.Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]
Nik Software

How cool! Lots of brain energy saved.

More features

  • Fix Grammar does that using AI
  • Super Chat lets you chat with ChatGPT without your OpenAI API key or logging in.
  • Brains take in your own data (text, images, docs, url), to help you with writing tasks. This is similar to PrivateGPT.
  • Utils help you write and explain code, read a book, and create presentations in a snap. They also help you create tailored Excel, GSheet formulae, and Unix commands.

Useful Mac Terminal Tricks

15 stories
Hot Corners on Mac
Programming on Mac
MacBook on a sofa
  • Translate lets you do that across 9 languages using AI.
  • Tones can mimic your or someone else’s writing style. All you need to do is to feed their existing writing samples.

There are still a handful features left. And you’re already saying Wow!

Best part,

  • Almost every action on Elephas has a hotkey.
  • Elephas integrates well with popular tools like Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Excel, Safari etc.
  • It offers iOS keyboard for equal productivity on the little device.

#6. superwhisper

($8.49/mo or $249.99 forever | Available on Setapp)

superwhisper is a remarkable UI over an even remarkable AI model — Whisper.

Recording and speech with superwhisper
Source: superwhisper

But what’s Whisper?
It’s OpenAI’s Automatic Speech Recognition model trained on 680k hours of multilingual data from the web.

It’s oh-so accurate and the fact that it’s open-sourced allows developers to integrate it into their apps for free.

As Whisper’s backed by AI, it can it can grasp the context and emotion of the speech for better transcription and also add appropriate punctuations and newlines — unlike Apple’s native dictation.

superwhisper’s backed by Whisper.

So when you activate it with a supported input, the app transcribes it so well that you’ll barely need to make any corrections later.

As you install superwhisper, you’re prompted to choose among five variations of the model: Fast, Nano, Standard, Pro, Ultra — (in ascending order of accuracy and size, and descending order of speed). I recommend Ultra, if you could afford the compute power and patience.

Best part,

  • The app offers “Meeting Mode” — which can listen to your system & mic audio to transcribe your meetings in real-time.
  • Don’t like Whisper? You can switch to Anthropic, Groq, or Ollama.
  • The app can translate speech to English from 100+ languages.
  • And yeah, you can register unique names, slang words, and acronyms and the app will consider.

#7. BoltAI

(Starts at $22 | Available on Setapp)

Do you know how I access GPT-4o for $0?
By using BoltAI on Setapp (This is just for information, and I’m not persuading you to use Setapp for GPT-4o).

I’m on Setapp Family plan and I get 50 AI credits reset every month.

For context, 50 credits =• 2000 messages with GPT-3.5 Turbo
• 100 messages with GPT-4 Turbo
• 250 minutes with Whisper

But what’s BoltAI, first?
It’s a single UI to multiple AI models.

Asking a coding question to GPT-4o via BoltAI
Source: BoltAI

As a coder by profession and blogger by passion, I use AI to add finishing touches to my works. Cleverly, I don’t just rely on one AI model — as every model has its pros and cons.

Also, I hate switching browser tabs to switch between AI models.

I needed one single UI for popular models like GPT, Gemini, Claude, Stable Diffusion, and Mistral. And that’s when I discovered BoltAI.

Best part, the app offers dozens of

• Prompts like: 
Simplify my writing, Write in a humorous tone, Write a disagreement/counter argument.
• Assistants like:
Comedian, Health/Life Coach, Financial Advisor, and Software Dev.

BoltAI is equally effective without the UI too.

Simply type gpt: <prompt> and hit ⇧⌘⏎ to use AI inline. Or use /ask_<AI_role> <prompt> to invoke a role. Try this in docs, emails, notes, or wherever else you type stuff.

#8. Luminar Neo

($421 a year | Available on Setapp)

Luminar Neo
Credit: Twitter

This is the biggest app I’ve ever used — 5.67 GB! But it’s completely worth the storage and your data plan exhaustion. Why?

It’s an AI image editor that offers everything you’d expect from a decent one, plus AI enhancements!

But before I explain you its AI capabalities, lemme introduce you to our friend Jason. Say hi.

Raw image
Image via Midjourney

Now, using Luminar Neo, lemme

  • Change the sky:
Sky changed for raw image
Edits by the author
  • Cut his fat at abdomen and face:
Body fat cut for raw image
OMG, I never thought Jason could be so handsome (Edits by the author)
  • Couldn’t the sky be bluer?
Sky darkened for raw image
Edits by the author

Looks perfect.

I’ve sent this image to Jason and he wants to post it on Instagram immediately :)

Now you get an idea of how incredible of an app Luminar Neo is.

The features I’ve tried above are just lying at the surface. Dig deeper for yourself, and you’ll find a truckload of AI and non-AI features to the app you’d enjoy using — like:

  • Change backgrounds
  • Fix colours
  • Make stunning edits with presets
  • Recude noise
  • Remove unwanted items

#9. PDF Search

($49.99 | Available on Setapp)

Credit: PDF Search

If you work with PDFs regularly (especially searching for text in PDFs), this app is a one-stop shop.

It not only analyses your pages and spits out matches, but also processes your search terms using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and gives relevant matches.

For example, if you search for “work with mouse”, it also displays results for “work with mice”. This uses AI.

AI searching using PDF Search
Credit: PDF Search

When you search for a term, it also takes into account their plurals and lemmas. Say you search for “children went to schools”, it also finds results similar to “child go to school”.

Best part, you can also feed it an image PDF. It does the text recognition (OCR) job by itself before giving out the results.

So use PDF Search if you wanna squeeze the max out of your PDF jobs. It’s also available on iOS for searching on the go!

#10. Plus

($9.99 | Available on Setapp)

Plus is a little treasure toolbox that keeps (& applies) all your favourite ChatGPT role prompts — like:

Image by the author

So that you don’t need to type them everytime you wanna use.

Best part, you don’t need to pay anything extra or bring your API keys to use Plus. It’s completely free. All you have to do is to select some text and trigger some preset prompt to operate on it.

Plus (conjunction, not app), all the prompts given above are preset by the Plus team. But if you’d like, you can create new prompts by yourself too. For example:

  • Explain a random Wikipedia term:
Provide an explanation of a randomly selected Wikipedia term related to nature. Only respond with the explanation.
  • Summarize:
I will give you text content, you will rewrite it and output that in a short summarized version of my text. Keep the meaning the same. Ensure that the revised content has significantly fewer characters than the original text, and no more than 100 words, the fewer the better. Only give me the output and nothing else. Now, using the concepts above, summarize the following text. Respond in the same language variety or dialect of the following text:

I mean… Who could type bulky prompts everytime they wanna use them? So I’m glad Plus exists.


#11. Structured

(Free | Pro starts at $4.99/mo | Available on Setapp)

Structured app
Image by the author

Structured is the day-planner app for the ultra-productive.

Just tell it briefly how your day looks like, and it automatically generates your optimum day plan using AI.

For example, I gave (in no good grammar):

i wake up at 6:30 am everyday. I meditate, workout, bath, and have breakfast totally for 3 hours. i go to office at 11 am and stay till 7 pm. i take a lunch break of 1 hour. i return back at 7:30. i relax, bath, and have dinner for 1.5 hours totally. i read a book for 1 hour and then sleep.

And it planned my day like this:

Wake Up ........ - 06:30
Meditate ....... - 06:30-07:00 (30 min)
Workout ........ - 07:00-07:30 (30 min)
Bath ........... - 07:30-08:00 (30 min)
Breakfast ...... - 08:00-09:00 (1 hr)
Go to Office ... - 11:00-19:00 (8 hrs)
Lunch Break .... - 13:00-14:00 (1 hr)
Return to Office - 19:30
Relax .......... - 19:30-20:00 (30 min)
Bath ........... - 20:00-20:30 (30 min)
Dinner ......... - 20:30-21:00 (30 min)
Read Book ...... - 21:00-22:00 (1 hr)
Sleep .......... - 22:00

How cool! If I really could execute my day like this, I’d be my most productive self ever.

Also, you could

  • Sync your calendars events & appointments from Google or Apple.
  • Plan recurring tasks — like regular health checkups (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Receive timely notifications of your tasks.
  • Use 550+ icons for your tasks
  • Sync Structured across iPhone, iPad, & Mac.

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