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Here’s why The 2020 MacBook Air is the perfect Mac for students!

2020 Macbook Air. Picture from Pinterest

The Incredibly thin MacBook Air is now more powerful than ever. It features a new Retina display, Magic Keyboard, Touch ID, processors with upto twice the better performance, Faster Graphic and Twice the storage from The previous Years MacBook Air. The sleek or thin Design of the Mac is crested from 100% recycled Aluminium which makes this laptop one of the Best Mac’s ever made. And the battery life on this Mac is also improved. Apple claims that it can last upto a day however I’ve been using this Mac since a week and it easily lasts me more than a day as i used it just for browsing internet, sending mails and watching movies on Apple TV+. And apple reducing the price $100 less(or $200 if you’re a student) is another great thing that happened to this MacBook but however $1000 is also not less but hey, aren't MacBook’s known for its High prices?

13.3" High resolution Retina Dispaly

With the resolution of 2560x1600 on the new MacBook Air, the results are Overwhelming. The True-tone Display automatically adjusts the white points of the screen to match your surrounding environment so that the web pages would look clear as you want without having to manually change the brightness outdoors.

Pic from Pinterest

The high end Macbook Air with the quad-core intel core i7 delivers two times faster CPU perfromance and upto 80% faster graphics which will help you power your high end work at ease. The fast SSD starts at 256GB, double the capacity of the previous configuration. And it can go upto 2TB, providing plenty of room for your movies, music, photos and other files and games.

New Backlit Magic Keyboard with Ambient light sensors

The 2020 MacBook Air now features the new Magic Keyboard which we first Saw on the 16 inch MacBook Pro. The scissor Mechanism with travel of 1mm gives responsive and comfortable experience. Apple also came back with the inverted T keys which is also helpul. And the backlit keys with Ambient light sensors help you type in low light.

The force-touch Trackpad is one of the best trackpads in the world. Apple increases the space which gives you more room to travel and the response it gives is immense. You can click wherever you want it feels the same. However You can change the responses in the settings. The number of gestures you can perrform on the trackpad is another cool feature added by the apple which aso can be configured in the settings according to your own needs.

Apple is mostly known for its Advanced security and thats what they are best at. The Touch id on the Macbook Air has a better response than on the previous generation. Also you can use your touch id for unlocking your Mac, using Apple Pay, Logging in ino any Account using your iCloud,etc.

Macbook Air uses the Apple T2 security Chip which is a second generation Apple designed Silicon chip to make MacBook Air even More safer. So when you use your Apple ID/touch id to unlock any Document, your information remains private. The new Macbook Air sounds even better than it ever has. Its stereo Speakers deliver twice the bass and 25% more Volume. But the camera has been kept the Same. The 720p camera and its microphone had failed to impress a lot of its customers as some of the windows computers in this price range gives you better quality Camera and microphone.

Another feature I would love to see in the next Upadte is the Face unlock as a lot of other companies have started to move towards the face unlock like the Dell XPS series which is also a great competitor to the MacBooks.

As the Air hasn’t been the powerhouse its fine for your daily use unless you are into video editing, photo editing or running high end games. Then you might turn towards the 13 inch MacBook Pro which is just $200 more than the Macbook Air. But for then, the Macbook Air is a great upgrade to the Mac and i would refer it to you if you’re a student.



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